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Adam McLean's Hermetic Journal

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The Hermetic Journal started out as a quarterly journal dedicated to the hermetic tradition, edited by Adam McLean. The first issue was released in August 1978 and it continued until 1992.
The Hermetic Journal explored alchemy and hermetic philosophy from various angles and attracted a wide range of contributors. It addressed a readership which had a deep interest in hermeticism and although the editor was open to articles of a speculative nature he always tried to encourage scholarly research into hermetic philosophy. It was primarily available only through subscription, and had a small circulation of about three to four hundred readers. It did not attempt to proselytise or reach a wider readership, but built up a network of people interested in furthering the investigation of alchemy and hermetic philosophy.


I've studied a lot of hermetic and alchemical texts over the years, know some of the ppl on McLean's site. Went to Paracelsus Society "alchemy" classes 35 years ago.This will be nostalgic... so thanks. For the most part it is all speculation within those pages, but you have to go through those levels in the process of making your psyche mutable so you can receive the inner teachings and defeat the hardened mind with today's materialist dogmas, and begin to feel and know the world as Spirit manifest. CAll it "plasma" as in the Electric Universe model if that works better for your "scientific" mind. LOL! The world is Living Mind Consciousness and matter is the outer garment.

Thanks to the uploader of this collection! In addition to the comments of the previous poster I also think this set serves a useful historical purpose just to showcase what was on people's minds at that time -- the issues that were of concern, the explanations, seekings, directions given, etc. that all point to a common mutual purpose that the people of any period are unable to see yet are forever imbued by. Fast forward to today: the question is, what are the topics, ideas, non-realities we are concerned with that will look so quaint to those with eyes from 30 years down the road? I wonder.
I also note that this collection ran from 1978 to 1990. Funny that it would stop at that point in 1990. The Internet has been good for somethings but it has not helped our collective cohesiveness. Decentralized models breed decentralized realities and that is the fractured and polarized state we see today in 2019. Who knew then that the fall of the Berlin wall would only be prologue to the construction of many more and much larger walls, both physical and psychological?
Anyway, also thanks to this website and the owner(s) for supporting this type of community.