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Adam Curtis - BBC iPlayer Collection (2021) [x265]

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8.48 GiB20300
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I took this 53GB torrent, encoded it to x265 and it is now 8.5GB.

In that torrent, you will find:
"An Ocean Apart" series from 1988, narrated by David Dimbleby, which was already in x265.
- which I have omitted from this release.

Most bitrates in the original torrent were around 0.7 GB/hour - that's down to 0.1 GB/hour now.
The latest series from 2021 was at 2.1 GB/hour, that's down to 0.3 GB/hour.

Let me know in the comments if you find this useful. I didn't upload it, it was nothing to do with me.


Much appreciated, indeed!

I personally prefer x264, but, hey! Color me impressed by your conversion-foo --> apparently "foo" has something to do with computer programming, but I mean it here as a variant of kung-fu: nice chop-sockey of the files!

I could do x264
720p for uploading to Odysee
480p for uploading to Bitchute, Telegram

Whatever you want really.

Something else the anonymous encoder didn’t mention is that these have been switched from 50fps to 25fps.