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The Absolute State Of Britain - Podcast n48 - Proppa Princess P*ssy

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Yuro, Native and 'Tollah are joined by OnTheOffensive for a chat about anti-white propaganda, non-white shapeshifters, more coronavrius hysteria, the state of the catholic church, Tollah's undying love for AOC, disavowing the royal family, #WorldWahmensDay, and more!

This week's ending song is "Jay Raidu - Fear"

The Absolute State of Britain:
A Dissident Right look at the English people and their ways.

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so white shape shifters are ok?
edit to add "the state of Britain" by a bunch of english far right pricks... who readily admit to that in the introduction
So it's really just about England by little Englanders with big pretentions .
It's kinda like a wee far right circle jerk, rehashing the same old shite.
hilarious that they rail against certain paedophiles...... there's rather a LOT of paedophiles in the English far right and I mean PLENTY
or maybe due to their emphasis on homosexual paedophiles then maybe the guy above is just fine and dandy... oh.. look below
or this bloke who had a website promoting the raping of adults and babies?
"She condemned an "additional feature" of the ideology by referencing a blog run by Szewczuk that encouraged the rape of female adults and babies."
So it seems that child rapists are ok if they are white then......
but it seems these guys are hailed as heroes by the right...
In this it's constant Jew bashing and anything that's not white bashing.. an emphasis on non white paedophiles while conveniently forgetting the apparent shitload in their own ranks and a fairly high level......
It'll be nice when Scotland becomes independent so we have to put up with less of this bollocks.