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9-11: September Clues

XviD 200kbps 320x240 29.97 fps
Approximately 90 mins

Audio Stream: 28 kb/s Mp3 Monophonic 22050 khz

In Defense of this video, the audio doesnt matter much in most cases.
I also wish the video quality was alot better. With this said,
Are the truthers rights? Or did something more insideous happen
on 9/11? Can you believe even the live news?

MY 2 cent: its interesting, my opinion will be left out though.
I was asked by a member here on another site if I had seen it, I
hadn't. So I got it. Most I had heard about from my early days.
Some I hadn't heard or seen. Then Yesterday some1 I went to DC with
for the Ron Paul March with asked me the same thing. In the end,
to be honest, I would love a real quality version. All Ive ever
seen from this theory angle is all livevideo quality, and Im not
going to arse myself to go through my own collection of footage.