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911 - September Clues (2007) + Extras

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911 - September Clues (2007) + Extras - roflcopter2110

911 - September Clues (2007) MKV - roflcopter2110.mkv - 1h 31min 736*486

The News Media had a central role in pulling off the 9/11 psy-op. The operation involved airing on television a substitute, computer-generated version of reality. It has temporarily succeeded to sell to the world the preposterous tale of 19 young terrorists using hijacked airliners to attack the USA. This longstanding research has established the falseness of the images shown on LIVE TV on 9/11 – as well as all the subsequently released video material. A large number of casualties was also reported to generate public outrage and support for illegal wars of aggression. However, the September Clues research has determined that the alleged victims were fictitious identities mostly/or entirely created within the digital realm. The 9/11 hoax - and the phony "War on Terror" - are definitively exposed by method revealed.

Since initiating this body of research in 2007, we have pried open a true gold mine of new information about how military operations like 9/11 work, simply by trying to create awareness about it. This includes consistent relentless attacks on our research and attempts to derail all meaningful investigation into media fakery. It seems that a number of different, similar operations have been occurring throughout history for an unknown number of years, and it is high time to expose them all.

Unsuppressible truth of synched collaboration between "competing" news stations
This video was removed from YouTube twice in as many days, with no particular reason given. Several users re-uploaded copies to fight the threat of censorship. Five years later, there are fewer than 12,000 acknowledged standing views between all the copies, though our sites have seen over a million unique visits from around the world.

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