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911 Painful Deceptions by Eric Hufschmid (2005)

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911 Painful Deceptions by Eric Hufschmid (2005)

1) video: 911 Painful Deceptions by Eric Hufschmid

Painful Deceptions by Eric Hufschmid is an extremely highly detailed technical analysis of the 9/11 building collapse issues from a scientific viewpoint. Eric shows us with graphic (literally), undeniable evidence that the official explanations for the atrocities committed on September 11 2001 are FALSE. He shows us that there is MUCH more to 9/11 than we are being told by the Zionist Controlled Western Media & Zionist Western Government's. Very Compelling & Highly Watchable.. Don't Miss.

This video is a supplement to Eric Hufschmid's book "Painful Questions, An analysis of the September 11 Attack" which is available for free at his website.

2) book: Hufschmid-Eric-Painful-Questions-an-Analysis-of-the-911-Attack.pdf

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Eric Hufschmid raises some very uncomfortable questions about 9-11; questions so uncomfortable that the magician/comedians Penn and Teller showed the book and urged people, "if you ever see anyone carrying it, push them down a flight of stairs." Why? Look to who cuts their pay checks and it might become clearer. To provoke calls of violence against himself and others by representatives of the "entertainment industry," Eric must have found something to make some powerful people VERY "uncomfortable" indeed. If you or I were to attempt to incite violence against fellow citizens we would be arrested as TERRORISTS!