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911: An Occult Job (2013) {a must see!

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Here it is Guys!!! and April....

Now this is a video I put together from various clips I found on 911. This could wake up just about anyone. All or most of the clips in this video, will show everyone knew 9/11 terrorist attacks were going to happen. This film ends the debate. Feature film's length is about 1 hour 27 minutes. The clips used are mostly movies and cartoons. If you pass on this film, well it's your loss then. I'm not going to try to sell this film or beg you to watch it. And if you aren't awake yet, maybe you should skip watching this video because you might not like the smell of the coffee.

Thanks to everyone on youtube that made this film possibly. I can't believe that I started working on this yesterday. It must of been God's plan to get this information out!

length 1 hour 27 minutes