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9-11 The Great Conspiracy

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"According to Barrie Zwicker, “It is from the mainstream media that most people
get most of their information, most of the time, on most subjects.” The fact that the
US mass media universally supported the ‘offi cial story’ of 9/11 explains why most
Americans still believe it. However, when VisionTV, Canada’s only independent
television network, questioned Bush and company’s
conspiracy theory by airing Barrie’s 6-part commentary
series, “The Great Deception” in 2002, it got the greatest
viewer response in the channel’s 15-year history.
He has now updated this series with a sequel – just
released. It is being hailed by 9/11 activists as “the best
ready-for-prime-time DVD out there on the subject by
far.” Here is the complete transcript."