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89 Cold War Films (updated 2016)

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89 Cold War Films (updated 2016) The Hollow Nickel Case (or the Hollow Coin) was the FBI investigation that grew out of the discovery of a container disguised as a U.S. coin and containing a coded message, eventually found to concern espionage activities of Vilyam Genrikhovich Fisher (aka Rudolf Ivanovich Abel) on behalf of the Soviet Union. The Steven Spielberg film Bridge of Spies, released on October 16, 2015, focuses on the events surrounding the Hollow Nickel Case and its historical ties to the Francis Gary Powers U-2 incident of 1960. On June 22, 1953, a newspaper boy (fourteen-year-old Jimmy Bozart), collecting for the Brooklyn Eagle, at an apartment building at 3403 Foster Avenue in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, was paid with a nickel (U.S. five cent piece) that felt too light to him. When he dropped it on the ground, it popped open, revealing that it contained microfilm. The microfilm contained a series of numbers. He told the daughter of a New York City Police Department officer, and that officer told a detective who in two days told an FBI agent about the strange nickel. After agent Louis Hahn of the FBI obtained the nickel and the microfilm, the agency tried to find out where the nickel had come from and what the numbers meant. The nickel had a 1948 front, but the back was minted sometime between 1942 and 1945, based on the copper-silver alloys used. There were five digits together in each number, 21 sets of five in seven columns and another 20 sets in three columns, making a total of 207 sets of five digits. There was no key for the numbers. The FBI tried for nearly four years to find the origin of the nickel and the meaning of the numbers. It was when KGB agent Reino Häyhänen (aka Eugene Nicolai Mäki) wanted to defect in May 1957 from Paris, that the FBI was able to link the nickel to KGB agents, including Mikhail Nikolaevich Svirin (a former United Nations employee) and Vilyam Genrikhovich Fisher. Häyhänen was being recalled to Moscow for good, and defected on the way back in Paris. The deciphered message in the nickel turned out to be only a personal message to Häyhänen from the KGB in Moscow welcoming him to the U.S. and instructing him on getting set up. He gave the FBI the information that it needed to crack the cipher, uncover the identity of his two main contacts in New York (Svirin and Fisher), and a nearly identically made Finnish 50 Markka coin. 1. WE CONGRATULATE YOU ON A SAFE ARRIVAL. WE CONFIRM THE RECEIPT OF YOUR LETTER TO THE ADDRESS `V REPEAT V' AND THE READING OF LETTER NUMBER 1. 2. FOR ORGANIZATION OF COVER, WE GAVE INSTRUCTIONS TO TRANSMIT TO YOU THREE THOUSAND IN LOCAL (CURRENCY). CONSULT WITH US PRIOR TO INVESTING IT IN ANY KIND OF BUSINESS, ADVISING THE CHARACTER OF THIS BUSINESS. 3. ACCORDING TO YOUR REQUEST, WE WILL TRANSMIT THE FORMULA FOR THE PREPARATION OF SOFT FILM AND NEWS SEPARATELY, TOGETHER WITH (YOUR) MOTHER'S LETTER. 4. IT IS TOO EARLY TO SEND YOU THE GAMMAS. ENCIPHER SHORT LETTERS, BUT THE LONGER ONES MAKE WITH INSERTIONS. ALL THE DATA ABOUT YOURSELF, PLACE OF WORK, ADDRESS, ETC., MUST NOT BE TRANSMITTED IN ONE CIPHER MESSAGE. TRANSMIT INSERTIONS SEPARATELY. 5. THE PACKAGE WAS DELIVERED TO YOUR WIFE PERSONALLY. EVERYTHING IS ALL RIGHT WITH THE FAMILY. WE WISH YOU SUCCESS. GREETINGS FROM THE COMRADES. NUMBER 1, 3RD OF DECEMBER. When Fisher was arrested, the hotel room and photo studio that he lived in contained multiple items of modern espionage equipment: cameras and film for producing microdots, cipher pads, cufflinks, a hollow shaving brush, shortwave radios, and numerous "trick" containers. Fisher was brought to trial in New York City Federal Court and indicted as a Russian spy in October 1957 on three counts: Conspiracy to transmit defense information to the Soviet Union; Conspiracy to obtain defense information; and Conspiracy to act in the United States as an agent of a foreign government without notification to the Secretary of State. On October 25, 1957, the jury found Fisher guilty on all three counts. On November 15, 1957, Judge Mortimer W. Byers sentenced Fisher to three sentences to be served concurrently: 30 years' imprisonment; 10 years' imprisonment and $2,000 fine; 5 years' imprisonment and $1,000 fine. On February 10, 1962, Fisher was exchanged for American Central Intelligence Agency Lockheed U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, who was a prisoner of the Soviet Union. This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD and 2k. 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MUGU PACIFIC MISSILE TEST RANGE WEAPONS THAT WORK 43484 NA (480p).mp4 U.S. NAVY VOUGHT F8U CRUSADER 1P RECONNAISSANCE AIRCRAFT FAMILIARIZATION FILM 78594 (480p).mp4 USAF AIR FORCE TACTICAL NUCLEAR AIR STRIKE FORCE 1956 70202 (480p).mp4 USAF TACTICAL WEAPONS EFFECTS TESTS CENTURY SERIES AIRCRAFT VIETNAM ERA 74282 (480p).mp4 USS DANIEL JOY AT GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE 27564 (480p).mp4 USS FORRESTAL CARRIER SEA TRIALS w FJ-3 FURY FIGHTER AIRCRAFT 22654 (480p).mp4 USS Nautilus Arctic Passage - Operation Sunshine, North Pole 20860 HD (480p).mp4 VIETNAM ERA NATIONAL GUARD FILM THE MEN AND THE MINUTE 76114 (480p).mp4 WALT DISNEY COLD WAR WEATHER CONTROL FILM EYES IN OUTER SPACE SATELLITES 73812 (480p).mp4 WORLD WAR II RECOVERY UNITED NATIONS RELIEF AND REHABILITATION ADMINISTRATION FILM 77944 (480p).mp4 tags: Cold War, war, USSR, USA, nuclear, history, navy, air force, spy
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