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60 Minutes s51e04 (2018.10.21) Genetic Geneology; Off The Rails; Fly Like An Eagle

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  • Inside the genetic genealogy being used to solve crimes
  • Why has the New York City subway gone off the rails?
  • How an Oklahoma woman learned to fly like an eagle in Mongolia
  • Rewind: Grand Central Station
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60Minutes.20181021.s51e04.1of3.GeneticGenealogy.960x540.mp4 13m48s 960x540 AVC AAC
60Minutes.20181021.s51e04.2of3.OffTheRails.640x360.mp4 13m46s 640x360 AVC AAC
60Minutes.20181021.s51e04.3of3.FlyLikeAnEagle.640x360.mp4 13m25s 640x360 AVC AAC
60Minutes.20181021.s51e04.Overtime-DNADetectives.640x360.mp4 5m1s 640x360 AVC AAC
60Minutes.20181021.s51e04.Overtime-GeneticExtra1.640x360.mp4 2m17s 640x360 AVC AAC
60Minutes.20181021.s51e04.Overtime-GeneticExtra2.640x360.mp4 1m29s 640x360 AVC AAC
60Minutes.20181021.s51e04.Overtime-MongolianEagles.960x540.mp4 3m56s 960x540 AVC AAC
60Minutes.20181021.s51e04.Overtime-MOTW.640x360.mp4 1m23s 640x360 AVC AAC
60Minutes.20181021.s51e04.Overtime-MTAChiefPlan.640x360.mp4 1m57s 640x360 AVC AAC
60Minutes.20181021.s51e04.Overtime-OffTheRails.640x360.mp4 2m12s 640x360 AVC AAC
60Minutes.20181021.s51e04.Rewind-19900218.GrandCentral.640x360.mp4 11m45s 640x360 AVC AAC