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Human smuggling across the southern border

Desperation and fear are driving a dangerous industry that's virtually impossible to completely stop

Immediately after President Trump's inauguration in 2017, arrests of illegal immigrants on the southwest border plummeted to lows that hadn't been seen in years. But three months later, with immigration reform stalled in Congress, the numbers started climbing again and have now returned to average. That comes to about half a million immigrants arrested each year. As we first reported in March, a great deal has changed on the border. Because of increased enforcement and the control of the drug cartels on the Mexican side, human smuggling has developed to an industrial scale. Illegal immigrants, in the hands of professional smugglers, find themselves trapped in a system of cruelty, neglect and death.

The governor who's castigating the president on climate change

When it comes to climate change, California Governor Jerry Brown says President Trump doesn't have the fear of the wrath of God

Our country is divided between red states and blue states, a division that has intensified since the election of President Donald Trump and some of the blue states are intensifying their resistance to the president. Most prominently, California, the country's bluest and most populous state, led by Governor Jerry Brown. Brown has been governor of California twice - the first time, 40 years ago. He criticizes the president on taxes. California is suing the Trump administration over health care, immigration, and air quality, but nothing raises more righteous passion in Jerry Brown than the issue of climate change. As we first reported last fall, he castigates the president for denying the science and aggravating a problem Governor Brown says is causing California to burn.

The Isle of Eigg

Just off Scotland, a tiny island with one main road is a testament to human independence

Every now and then, just for the fun of it, we decide to go off to some really obscure place that you've never heard of and are not likely to visit. Last November, we took you to the Isle of Eigg. If you missed that trip, we are going back tonight to Eigg, or the People's Republic of Eigg, as it's jokingly referred to in Scotland, which is a country where half the privately held land is owned by fewer than 500 people. A lot of it is tied up in huge estates owned by lairds who often run them as fiefdoms. 20 years ago, after two centuries of servility, the people of Eigg drove away their laird and seized control of their own destiny, establishing the first community owned estate in Scotland's history. We wanted to see what they've made of it


He rammed through a "cap and trade" bill written by and for big oil! He's a complete and utter hypocrite.

Now before any of you are tempted to assume that I'm a global warming fear monger, realize that I am the opposite - it's a total scam designed to let polluters like Big Oil off the hook, which is what Brown's bill did - rolled back regulations which curbed harmful emissions.

I don't believe in anthropogenic global warming, but I am totally in favor of wind, solar, hydrogen, and other energy sources. If that doesn't make sense, you're probably allowing others to do your thinking for you...