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5MEO - Psychedelic documentary

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5MEO - Psychedelic documentary

Looks interesting! Where can I get some? :)

"At a crossroads in life, three men go on a journey to take the world's most potent psychedelic drug, 5MEO-DMT."





I had this on my seedbox from a couple weeks ago but I forgot to upload it:

Documentaries on the subject are great, but I'd love to have the actual experience and hope these substances are made legal and more widely available soon!


Thank you, so much!

So interestingly, I recently purchased a nebuliser and have been nebulising Hydrogen Peroxide. Dr Mercola recommended it for the covids, so I wanted to get one in case my elderly parents got sick.

After the first dose peroxide I had incredible dreams, and received a message - this is the only psychedelic you'll ever need - which I thought was interesting.

I get the since it might be the thing that will "complete" and clear some bad trips I had in the past.

I've tried LSD, Iboga, Magic Mushrooms, DMT/Changa, and Salvia Divinorium, I would recommend them all IF and ONLY if you fully feel ready and are drawn to them. In the meantime you might also try Mugwort Tea, Valerian Tea. Even sleeping with a crystal under your pillow can lead to some fantastic voyages in your sleep.

Don't let the law stop you, they don't have the right, really.

I would say there is a right time for everyone, and it might be worth waiting. In my 30s I realised I had given myself a rule for this life, before I was born, to not to drugs, get tattoos or piercings. But when I realised it, and knew the reason, I also understood how to do psychedelics safely.

What's interesting is that the psychedelics never took me anywhere I hadn't been already, through meditation or lucid dreaming. I think for me, that was what it meant to be ready.


Thanks for the insights, they are very interesting.

I do recall bumping into a psychedelic store on the dark web. But alas, many people were posting in other areas online that it was a total scam. Up for sale was DMT, LSD and mescaline. From what I remember.

There are still some stores in cities like Vancouver that sell entheogens. Legal ones, and sometimes illegal ones if you know who/where to ask...

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