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58 Occult Audiobooks & Occult Lectures - Collection No 1

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58 Occult Audiobooks & Occult Lectures - Collection No 1 This collection should be entertaining you for a while. Living in a lazy age with lazy people, too laid-back to absorb slow books in a fast century. Time is running out, hurry, hurry. ;-) specs: 128kbps, 44.1 kHz, AAC, total duration: 271 hrs 48 min 12 sec audio files: (How to Increase Mental Power) [Occult Audiobook] The Hindu Yogi Science Of Breath.m4a [A Mystic Tale from the Master of Arcane Occult Tales] The Old Man Of Visions (Algernon Blackwood).m4a [A Sequel to the Astral-Projecting Occult Villain Nikola] Doctor Nikola Returns (Audiobook).m4a [A Tale of Astral-Projecting Occult Villain] Dr. Nikola's Vendetta (AKA A Bid For Fortune).m4a [Blavatsky & Lovecraft Inspired Occult Supernatural Tale] The Ghost of Guir House.m4a [Egyptian Black Magic -- Occult Horror] Brood of the Witch Queen (Audiobook).m4a [Kybalion Study-Aid Occult Lecture] Mastery of Self from 5 Perspective, Audiobook.m4a [Occult Audiobook on Astral Projection & Past Life-Regression] The Jacket (AKA The Star Rover).m4a [Occult Audiobook on the Day when the Veil to the Other World Lifted] May Day Eve.m4a [Occult Audiobook] A Romance of 2 Worlds (Esoteric Use of Electricity for Spiritual Transformation).m4a [Occult Audiobook] A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga, The Mastery of the Self by Yogi Ramacharaka.m4a [Occult Audiobook] Aleister Crowley's Rose and the Cross.m4a [Occult Audiobook] Aleister Crowley's The Quest.m4a [Occult Audiobook] Light on the Path (by Lucifer Magazine's Editor, along with H. P. Blavatsky).m4a [Occult Audiobook] Necromancy (Evocation of the Dead).m4a [Occult Audiobook] Psychic Science.m4a [Occult Audiobook] The Power of the Dead to Return to Earth.m4a [Occult Audiobook] Zanoni 1 (Immortal Adept from Ancient Chaldea, the Guardian on the Threshold).m4a [Occult Audiobook] Zanoni 2 (Immortal Adept from Ancient Chaldea, the Guardian on the Threshold).m4a [Occult Horror Audiobook for H. P. Lovecraft Fans] The Haunted and the Haunters.m4a [Occult Horror Audiobook] The Return of the Soul.m4a [Occult Horror Audiobook] The Slayer of Souls (AKA Summoning the Forgotten Evil God).m4a [Occult Horror of Evil Metamorphosis] The Joss a Reversion.m4a [Occult Horror on the Hidden Ancient Text of Talmud] The Tractate Middoth.m4a [Occult Investigation Audiobook] Twenty Years' Experience as a Ghost Hunter (Research Book).m4a [Occult Lecture] (Expanding the Mind Through Multi-Dimensions of Existence) Buddhic Consciousness.m4a [Occult Lecture] (Spiritual Law of Seven) The 7 Principles Governing Human, Universe & Life Itself.m4a [Occult Lecture] A World Religion for Manifesting the Divinity Within You (Merging the Traditions).m4a [Occult Lecture] Access to the Pre-Consciousness and Its Implications.m4a [Occult Lecture] Alchemy of Mental Attitudes & Mystery of Psychological Transformation.m4a [Occult Lecture] Ancient Gods from the Past and Planets.m4a [Occult Lecture] Astrological Journey of the Human Soul and Its Esoteric Implications.m4a [Occult Lecture] Astrology, Reincarnation and Karma and Their Relations.m4a [Occult Lecture] Beyond the Veil of the Universe Metaphysics and Its Four Aspects.m4a [Occult Lecture] Chinese and Tibetan Alchemy, the Path to Self-Transformation.m4a [Occult Lecture] Dangers of Losing One's Spiritual Center.m4a [Occult Lecture] Dimensions Beyond Death (Esoteric Meaning of Death and Beyond).m4a [Occult Lecture] Dream Warnings and, Premonitions (Hidden Dynamics of the Unconscious Domains).m4a [Occult Lecture] Endless Cycle & Continuity of Your Soul.m4a [Occult Lecture] Esoteric Initiation and Hidden Knowledge of the Pyramid.m4a [Occult Lecture] Esoteric Principle of Nature and Its Kingdoms.m4a [Occult Lecture] Esoteric Principle of Prayer & Meditation (Spiritual Alchemy of Mental Focus).m4a [Occult Lecture] Esoteric Rituals of the East (Mysticism in Japan and China), Secret Ceremonies.m4a [Occult Lecture] Forgotten Rituals, Initiations and Mysteries of Greece and Rome.m4a [Occult Lecture] Good and Evil; the Eternal Contrast of the Domains of Existence.m4a [Occult Lecture] Heart, the Mystic Center of Esoteric Life Force, Occult Anatomy of Man.m4a [Occult Lecture] Hermes Trismegistus and Hermeticism's Influence on Religious Ideas.m4a [Occult Lecture] How to Apply the Spiritual Laws & Wisdom to Our Consciousness.m4a [Occult Lecture] How to Choose a Spiritual Path Based on Your Characteristics.m4a [Occult Lecture] How to Gain Wisdom According to the Universal Law of Existence.m4a [Occult Lecture] How to Master Your Thinking-Patterns and Habits for Self-Development.m4a [Occult Lecture] Human Quest for Adepts, Master Alchemists and Spiritual Teachers.m4a [Occult Lecture] Immortal VS. Mortal God and Man.m4a [Occult Lecture] In-Depth Analysis of the Rosicrucian Order, The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross.m4a [Occult Lecture] Knowledge, Human Mind and Consciousness.m4a [Occult Lecture] Magic & the Astral Dimension and Its Light.m4a [Occult Lecture] Magical Rituals in Maya & Inca (Esoteric Aspects of Ancient America).m4a [Occult Lecture] Messages from the Dead (Life After Death & the Supernatural Lore).m4a tags: audiobooks, lectures, occult, esoteric, metaphysical
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