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1. a complete handbook of nature cure

A Complete Handbook of Nature Cure Contents Foreword Preface Acknowledgements PART I NATURE CURE AND NATURAL METHODS OF TREATMENT 1. Principles And Practice Of Nature Cure 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Fasting - The Master Remedy Therapeutic Baths Curative Powers Of Earth Exercise In Health And Disease Therapeutic Value Of Massage Yoga Therapy Healing Power Of Colours Sleep : Restorative Of Tired Body And Mind PART II HEALTH THROUGH NUTRITION 10. Optimum Nutrition For Vigour And Vitality 11. Miracles Of Alkalizing Diet 12. Vitamins And Their Importance In Health And Disease

2. The Cure for All Diseases - Dr Hulda Clark

Researcher Dr Hulda Clark discoverings and step by step tutorials for finding pollutants in human body, causing bacteria, virus, parasites and others to stay whole living cycles in Us. Dr Clark found all cancers being caused for one alcohol and one parasite, which removed with herbal cleanse and electronic frequencies leads to cure. Recipes and proved electronic frequency resonance tests are provided to find specific pollutants in human body.

3. health is happiness

A path to help you realize the state of ideal health and well-being.

I Daily routine amiable for the body
II Obstacles in daily routine
III Putting an end to medicines
IV How to derive pleasure out of healthy staple food?
V Are you perfectly healthy?
VI Experiences and opinions

4. X-Health Book V2 - by Brad King 2006

I have always believed that, once armed with the right
information and guidance, almost anyone can make a life
change by awakening their inner potential. The problem
is that most people never apply the knowledge they are
given and therefore continue to lead lives of mediocre
health and vitality. It is my sincere wish that all people
fnd the motivation to alter their lives for the better and
in the process create a new respect for the miracle called
the human body.
I hope Xtreme Health contains the information you’ve
been waiting for, and you find the motivation to
implement the necessary guidelines that take your life
to the next level.

5. Don't Worry, Be Healthy - A Buddhist Guide For Health & Healing - vol III

How to care for the sick? How to live long and healthy? How does karma affect health? How to deal with pain? How to counsel the dying? How to confront death? How to meditate for health? How to heal with compassion? How to eat for healthy mind and body? How to be mentally healthy? How does chanting affect health? How to deal with addiction?

6. Dr. Mercola's Total Health Cookbook

Having trouble losing weight? Health not as good as it should be? Dr. Mercola says it's grains that are the culprits! Not just another low-carb book, this gives some real information and help. Includes recipes and food shopping guides

7. E-Cookbooks Library 2003

Discover our very special collection of recipes!
Find out why e-cookbooks are the perfect answer
to the "What's a good recipe?" question. Just like
this free sample, you can easily browse through the
titles, read and select a recipe, print, and cook!

8. Secret Sources of Natural Medicine

An excellent ebook about natural and affordable treatments for allhealth issues that plague people wi/o the need to involve the medical industrial complex... mike Adams the health ranger wrote this and compiled a list of must have products like freeze-dried fruits/veggies, quinoa, minerals and nutrients that help to give the body all it needs to remain healthy... He also organizes each item with its benifits and diseases it can eliminate.. The best part is he has researched and given both companies that offer them at the best prices and the amount t will cost w/ links to them... Please read andforward to anyone who suffers from illness and most importantly those who are trapped in the dealdy web of doctor's visits and pharmaceutical treatment... Eat Healthy and Live FREE !!!!

9. Secret Sources Food for Health

ebook on food sources for health

10. Healthy Style Super Foods - Proven Strategies For Life Long - By Steven Pratt 2006

HealthStyle is the twenty-first-century program for promoting vigor, preventing disease, and extending your life span
If up until now you have relied on luck, genetics, and a few healthful practices to achieve this goal, The Free SuperFoods HealthStyle will be your authoritative, engaging introduction to a new, better life. Like SuperFoods Rx, the authors bestselling book, HealthStyle takes the most recent, cutting-edge research on what lifestyle practices have actually been proven to achieve disease prevention and improve daily functioning -- both physically and mentally -- and translates this information into simple recommendations that you can use to improve your physical and mental health now and in the future.
Evidence abounds that total health is achieved via a network of efforts. You might guess that diet and exercise are important. Did you know that other factors like sleep and stress management can have just as much impact on your daily health and functioning? In HealthStyle Dr. Steven Pratt, dubbed "the Food Dude" by Oprah Winfrey, has expanded on his original thirteen SuperFoods and broadened his focus to include all aspects of health promotion. This free ebook covers such topics as:
How ordinary spices like black pepper and cinnamon can make surprising contributions to health promotion
What the latest compelling research shows about how poor sleep habits could be sabotaging your efforts at weight control, reducing your cognitive abilities, and impairing your overall health
How achieving "personal peace" can prolong life and improve brain function
Why dark chocolate, honey, and kiwi have joined the ranks of SuperFoods
How the simplest imaginable exercise program can be the most effective
Why paying attention to one simple aspect of eating could be the answer to weight control

11. No Place to Hide - by Robert O'Harrow 2005

In No Place to Hide, award-winning Washington Post reporter Robert O'Harrow, Jr., pulls back the curtain on an unsettling trend: the emergence of a data-driven surveillance society intent on giving us the conveniences and services we crave, like cell phones, discount cards, and electronic toll passes, while watching us more closely than ever before. He shows that since the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, the information industry giants have been enlisted as private intelligence services for homeland security. And at a time when companies routinely collect billions of details about nearly every American adult, No Place to Hide shines a bright light on the sorry state of information security, revealing how people can lose control of their privacy and identities at any moment.

12. The Worst-Case Scenario Book of Survival Questions - Joshua Piven & David Borgenicht 2005

The authors of the phenomenally best-selling Worst-Case Scenario Survival series have taught millions to prepare for the worst—but how can readers be sure they're really ready? The Worst-Case Scenario Book of Survival Questions collects hundreds of survival dilemmas and questions designed to test true survival skill and daring. Fifty percent longer than the handbooks, this challenging, interactive, and informative book is packed with survival trivia, expert tips, adventurous situations, and illustrations. Your car is careening toward a 20-foot drop into a river: do you leap from the car immediately, or wait to swim free once it begins to sink? Is it worse to be lost in the jungle during the day or in the desert at night? If you had to perform an emergency tracheotomy, where would you make the incision? In hundreds of multiple-choice quizzes, story problems, and questions, The Worst-Case Scenario Book of Survival Questions provides need-to-know answers to life's unexpected turns for the worst. Also included is a Worst-Case Scenario Aptitude Test (WCSAT), which can be scored at home to ensure optimum readiness. Don't wait until it's too late!

13. When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance & Planetary Survival - by Matthew Stein 2001

When Technology Fails is a practical "how to" manual that helps people to prepare for and deal with disruptions in the normal course of life. In today's world of terrorist acts and super storms, it is an invaluable reference covering a wide variety of subjects such as emergency preparedness, survival, first aid, renewable energy, alternative healing, sustainable agriculture, green-building technologies, and low-tech methods for providing the basics for yourself if deprived of access to the comforts of modern living. Each chapter also includes a "Whole Earth Catalog" style reference guide to the best books, organizations and web sites relevant to that chapter's topic. In today's world of terrorism, global warming, super-storms, record breaking floods, severe droughts, antiquated and overloaded electrical distribution systems, it is likely that most of us will see significant disruptions in the flow of electricity and goods at some point in our lives. An old Chinese! saying asks, "Is it not already too late if one waits until one is thirsty to begin digging a well?" This saying applies equally at both the personal and planetary levels. On the micro level (personal survival), a little planning, training, education and individual action can significantly reduce one's sense of helplessness. On the macro level (global sustainability), large numbers of people must be awakened to the need for change before governments and the majority of businesses make a sustainable future their number one priority. On both levels, action is required to promote a positive outcome. We live in the "Information Age" and knowledge is power. When Technology Fails is an exceptional source of information, providing something of value for almost everyone, ranging from the environmentalist who wishes to reduce man's impact on the planet to the average person who simply wishes to provide for friends and family in the event of an emergenc

14. A Beginners Guide to Nietzsches Beyond Good and Evil - by Gareth Southwell 2009

A concise and very readable summary of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil, geared toward students embarking on their studies and general readers. It is an ideal companion for those new to the study of this challenging and often misunderstood classic.
Offers clear explanations of the central themes and ideas, terminology, and arguments
Includes a glossary of difficult terms as well as helpful biographical and historical information
Illustrates arguments and ideas with useful tables, diagrams, and images; and includes references to further readings
Forms part of a series of Guides designed specifically for A-level philosophy students by an experienced teacher and founder of the popular website Philosophy Online

15. Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living: Surviving with Nothing But Your Bare Hands and What You Find in the Woods - by John McPherson, Geri McPherson 2008

Forget reality TV stunts like eating bugs, the Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living provides in-depth instructions and step-by-step photos of real survival skills--exactly what one needs to stay alive in the woods. The book first covers immediate needs like starting a fire, erecting temporary shelter, and finding food. Then it goes beyond other survival books by explaining advanced techniques for long-term living in the wild -- using only those things found in nature. The authors show how to make tools by chipping stones, fashion a bow-and-arrow out of tree branches, weave baskets, fire primitive pots, build a semi-permanent shelter, and even tan hides. Finally, the authors explain how to bring all these skills together to live in the wilderness for days, weeks, months, or even years.

16. First Aid Laminated Reference Guide - by Inc. Barcharts 2002

17. Empire of Unreason - by J. Gregory Keyes 2001

When Sir Isaac Newton uncovered the secrets of alchemy, he could never have imagined the tragic results. Dark sorcery rules. Europe is lost and the American colonists have been driven south. The demonic creatures known as the Malekim won’t tolerate even a flicker of hope. Any who oppose them– Franklin, Voltaire, even the mysterious daughters of Lilith–will be swept away. However Benjamin Franklin and his secret society, the Junto, manage a precarious existence founded on the mutual trust of Native Americans, whites, and freed blacks. And as armies and alchemy clash, the Choctaw shaman Red Shoes witnesses a vision of an ancient, implacable evil–and of a young boy who shines as brightly as an angel . . . the fallen, avaricious kind.

18. How-To Hydroponics 2003

How-To Hydroponics, 4th edition, has been completely revised to share with you the incredible benefits of hydroponic gardening in a hands-on, easy to follow format that anyone can understand. Hydroponics is healthy, safe and fun for the whole family, as a hobby, or means of additional income.
Learn Hands-On At Your Own Pace
Which plants to grow, how to start from seeds and how to take cuttings to preserve, and propagate your favorite plants. Learn what makes plants grow and how to create the perfect garden environment indoors and out, even how to grow year round! How-To Hydroponics can help anyone overcome a brown thumb!
Step-By-Step Plans And Photographs
Learn to build and operate eight types of hydroponic systems from inexpensive materials and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars doing so. How-To Hydroponics covers everything from practical theory to hands-on applications and includes everything you need to know to start growing with this exciting technology today!
The Latest Tips, Techniques & Technology
How-To Hydroponics, 4th edition, has been completely revised which means more of the latest tips, techniques and technology including Aeroponics, which takes hydroponics to the next level to achieve even greater results from your hydroponic gardening efforts

19. Karmic Tarot: A Profound System for Finding and Following Your Life's Path - by William C. Lammey 2002

A true expert presents a distinct method for reading the Tarot that allows beginning or advanced readers to find answers to their questions in the context of their present and past lifetimes. Written in two parts, Part One includes: A definition of Karma and how we can see its effect using the Tarot, with a brief history of the Tarot, and its origins, the Karmic Spread defined and the four aspects of self, definitions of the Positions in the Karmic Spread and a detailed explanation of the Major and Minor Arcana cards. Part Two deals with: The elements and mechanics of a Tarot reading, with specific guidelines for doing a Karmic Tarot reading using the Karmic Spread, interpretation of the cards is given for each of the 22 spread positions.

20. The Essential J.R.R. Tolkien Sourcebook: A Fan's Guide to Middle-earth and Beyond - by George Beahm 2003

Breaking new ground, this is a must have for any Tolkien fan seeking to learn more about the reclusive professor from Oxford who reluctantly became a celebrity because of his "hobbit-forming" books. It is a comprehensive reference work long awaited by the millions of Tolkien fans throughout the world who have bought 100 million copies of his books, in more than 40 languages. This book will also be especially appealing to the millions of new fans-moviegoers-turned-readers-who have rushed from theaters to bookstores worldwide to seek more information about Tolkien and his work. Profusely illustrated, it features one hundred photographs and drawings from noted fantasy artist Colleen Doran, plus art portfolios by Tolkien calendar artist Tim Kirk, and cover artist Donato Giancola. Chock-full of sidebars, quotes, and short interviews, this guide to Middle-earth and beyond will be an indispensable addition to any Tolkien collection.

21. The Divine Invasion - by Philip K.Dick 1991

What if God were alive and in exile on a distant planet? And what if He wanted to come back? This is the unsettling and exhilirating premise of The Divine Invasion, the second novel in the trilogy that includes Valis and The Transmigration of Timothy Archer

22. American Stories - by Nagai Kafu 2000

An early masterpiece by one of the most famous writers of modern Japan. . . one of the most remarkable collections of stories about the United States ever composed by a Japanese writer. Long a classic in Japan, the publication of these stories in English translation is an event of considerable importance, long overdue.

An early masterpiece by one of the most famous writers of modern Japan. . . one of the most remarkable collections of stories about the United States ever composed by a Japanese writer. Long a classic in Japan, the publication of these stories in English translation is an event of considerable importance, long overdue. -- Review

Nagai Kafu's American Stories is unquestionably among the most interesting works not only of his career but of Japanese literature in general in the early years of this century. It provides a panoramic view of the American continent through the eyes of an extraordinarily astute outside observer and at the same time paints an intimate portrait of the observer himself and his position between cultures. -- Steven Snyder, University of Colorado, Boulder

The American Stories (Amerika monogatari) by Nagai Kafu (1879-1959), an early masterpiece by one of the most famous writers of modern Japan, was first published in 1908 and remains one of the most remarkable collections of stories about the United States ever composed by a Japanese writer. Long a classic in Japan, the publication of these stories in English translation is an event of considerable importance, long overdue. -- J. Thomas Rimer, University of Pittsburgh

23. Medicating Modern America: Prescription Drugs in History - by Andrea Tone, Elizabeth Watkins 2007

Their excellent example of balanced analysis should inspire other scholars to pursue further work in the new pharmaceutical history.”
- Gregory J. Higby, The Journal of American History

”These challenging essays mark the transformation of medication from a tradition of need assessed by physicians, to a culture that far exceeds a basic threshold for drugs on demand on the part of the public.”
- Choice

"Nowhere do pharmaceutical companies sell more drugs, make more money, affect more lives, or wield more power than in the United States. These sophisticated but accessible essays trace the history of eight types of prescription blockbusters, from antibiotics to Viagra, and show how they have changed Americans' thinking about disease, consumer rights, and normality itself. They force us to confront the paradox of a pill-taking society that wages war on some drugs but avidly seeks out others to economically profitable if not always therapeutically benign effect."
- David Courtwright, author of Forces of Habit and Dark Paradise

”A set of fascinating case studies. . . . Anyone who has taken prescription medications can benefit by reading it.”
- Metapsychology Online Reviews

24. A Clockwork Orange - by Anthony Burgess 1986

Anthony Burgess reads chapters of his novel A Clockwork Orange with hair-raising drive and energy.Although it is a fantasy set in an Orwellian future, this is anything but a bedtime story." -The New York Times Told by the central character, Alex, this brilliant, hilarious, and disturbing novel creates an alarming futuristic vision of violence, high technology, and authoritarianism.Anthony Burgess' 1963 classic stands alongside Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World as a classic of twentieth century post-industrial alienation, often shocking us into a thoughtful exploration of the meaning of free will and the conflict between good and evil. In this recording, the author's voice lends an intoxicating lyrical dimension to the language he has so masterfully crafted."I do not know of any other writer who has done as much with language as Mr. Burgess has done [in A Clockwork Orange]." -William S. Burroughs
Recognized as one of the literary geniuses of our time, Anthony Burgess produced thirty-two novels, a volume of verse, sixteen works of nonfiction, and two plays. Originally a composer, his creative output also included countless musical compositions, including symphonies, operas, and jazz. The author's musicality is evident in the lyrical and dramatic reading he gives in this recording. Anthony Burgess died in 1993.

25. How To Open Locks With Improvised Tools - by Hans Conkel 2001

Practical, real-world solutions to lockouts. Learn to open doorknobs, deadbolts, car doors, padlocks, handcuffs, et cetera. This book sold out as "Lock Bypass Methods," and has proven to be the best manual on keyless entry available. Since your resources are usually on the other side of the door when you're locked out, it shows how to improvise tools from garbage and common, everday items. Multiple entrance options are provided in case of stubborn doors or limited materials. Thousands of people have successfully opened doors using techniques they learned in "Lock Bypass Methods." This expanded edition has more illustrations and new techniques.
This book will not waste your time trying to explain how to pick sidebar locks, or activate magnetic-stripe readers without a key card. It DOES explain how to open doors protected by these locks, simply and without damage, through bypass techniques. A latch holds something shut, and a lock is a gateway to that latch. This book teaches ways to climb over the fence and ignore the gate. You will learn how to pick locks, a skill that works 60-70% of the time. More importantly, you will learn methods to trip actuators, move linkage rods, take advantage of mechanical design flaws, exploit tolerances in a lock's setting, and other practical means of entry.
The book's focus is on problem solving, not presenting methods that are too difficult to accomplish. Many other books in this field suffer from too much theory and too little delivery. If it doesn't work, it isn't in here. This book is designed to give the reader skills that open locks without keys or damage. It is not a whitewashed or glossed-over set of instructions that leave a reader feeling as if failure is his fault and he just hasn't developed some special esoteric talent. Difficulties encountered in opening methods are identified, explained, and solutions are given to cope with them. The book is clearly written and illustrated, and covers problem solving, how locks work, picking, bypassing, and tool making. If you are interested in opening locks without keys, you should have this book.

26. Growing Vegetables at Home: Questions and Answers - by Helen C Harrison 1985

Here are answers to the questions gardeners ask most often about growing vegetables. From asparagus to watercress, this guide covers over 50 vegetables plus other basic gardening topics.

27. The Value of Life: Introduction to Medical Ethics - by John Harris 1985

Medical ethics is a vitally important subject, and currently a highly controversial one. Recent cases have highlighted both the intellectual and moral challenges posed by the dilemmas of modern medicine, and their significance for us all. John Harris gives a fully up-to-date survey of the issues in this crucial field of applied ethics, including in vitro fertilization and experimeentationn on human embryos. Professor Harris explores the principal ethical dilemmas that arise in medical practice and research, and by challenging our basic assumptions and familiar ideas, shows how the most difficult problems may be approached and resolved. He presents a clear discussion of the major issues, and argues for a radical re-appraisal of our way of thinking about these problems and of the traditional solutions to them. The book is intended both to introduce the general reader to the problems of medical ethics, and as a text for the study and discussion of medical ethics in medical schools and in the training of health professionals. It will also be of value as a text for applied and practical ethics courses in philosophy departments and departments of social policy and administrat politics, sociology and liberal studies.

28. The Social Life of Numbers: A Quechua Ontology of Numbers and Philosophy of Arithmetic - by Gary Urton 1997

Unraveling all the mysteries of the khipu--the knotted string device used by the Inka to record both statistical data and narrative accounts of myths, histories, and genealogies--will require an understanding of how number values and relations may have been used to encode information on social, familial, and political relationships and structures. This is the problem Gary Urton tackles in his pathfinding study of the origin, meaning, and significance of numbers and the philosophical principles underlying the practice of arithmetic among Quechua-speaking peoples of the Andes. Based on fieldwork in communities around Sucre, in south-central Bolivia, Urton argues that the origin and meaning of numbers were and are conceived of by Quechua-speaking peoples in ways similar to their ideas about, and formulations of, gender, age, and social relations. He also demonstrates that their practice of arithmetic is based on a well-articulated body of philosophical principles and values that reflects a continuous attempt to maintain balance, harmony, and equilibrium in the material, social, and moral spheres of community life.

29. Organic Marijuana, Soma Style: The Pleasures of Cultivating Connoisseur Cannabis - by Soma 2005

Soma has become synonymous with a mindful approach to cannabis gardening and an earth-friendly lifestyle. Soma's varieties of marijuana are considered legendary and have been big winners at the most reputable harvest festivals of Europe. Now for the first time, he shares the philosophy and methods that distinguish him as a world-class breeder of cannabis in one concise volume. Essays include detailed advice on organic approaches to growing the plant and address the specific needs of sophisticated connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Two full-color sections of Soma’s lush photography reveal the colorful beauty and range of the cannabis plant. Perfectly suited to the home grower, Soma’s advice is inspiring and informative, emphasizing the sublime qualities of marijuana’s flavor and effects when grown in optimal conditions.

30. How to Grow Medical Marijuana - By Todd McCormick 1999

This book is dedicated to:The Sun and Mother Nature for conspiracy to cultivate medical marijuana. All the world’s innocent criminals. Those being sought after and prosecuted while utilizing and cultivating this planet’s most valuable natural resource. Someday understanding will come about, laws will change and Mother Nature’s most precious gift and its users will be released from tyranny.

31. The Herbal Home Remedy Book: Simple Recipes for Tinctures, Teas, Salves, Tonics, and Syrups (Herbal Body) By Joyce A. Wardwell 1998

Use 25 common herbs to make simple herbal remedies, then use those remedies to relieve common illnesses and enhance general health and well-being.

Endorsed by Rosemary Gladstar, renowned herbalist and author of Herbal Healing for Women, this book of "homespun alchemy" bursts with easy recipes for medicinal wines, herbal oils, salves, tonics, syrups, throat drops--you name it. From the guidelines for gathering medicinal plants to instructions for tincture preparation, Joyce Wardwell conveys her love and respect for herbs. She comes from a long line of herbalists: her great-great-grandmother Jane learned the herbal craft from the Ojibway in Minnesota; Jane's mother was condemned for witchcraft and her husband was hung for it during the Salem, Massachusetts, Witch Trials. But there's nothing to fear from the Remedy Book: recipes are made primarily from the 25 most common herbs, and instructions are so clear they're nearly foolproof. The flu, insomnia, colic, menopause, and sore muscles are all covered. Any household with children will find the "herbal home medicine chest" invaluable, with treatments for everyday ailments such as colds and coughs, burns, bug bites, bruises, and strains. The publisher, Storey Publications, is known for its practicality and environmental awareness, and the book is printed on lovely cream-colored recycled paper.

32. Run Your Diesel Vehicle on Biofuels: A Do-It-Yourself Manual - by Jon Starbuck, Gavin Harper 2008

. . Run Your Diesel Vehicle on Biofuels has everything you need to make the switch from expensive, environment-damaging carbon fuel to cheap (and, in many cases, free), clean fuel for your vehicle. Practical and decidedly apolitical, this unique guide focuses on technical details, parts, and instructions.. .

Inside, you'll find step-by-step instructions accompanied by helpful illustrations for such projects as building and properly using a homemade biodiesel reactor, which enables you to drive you car on vegetable oil purchased at a fraction of the price of gas or even on second-hand oil obtained from restaurants free of charge. Run Your Diesel Vehicle on Biofuels also includes a list of international parts suppliers and various manufacturers' warranty statuses regarding vehicles converted to biodiesel. . .

Projects include:
Collecting waste oil.
Building a waste-oil processor.
Creating biodiesel fuel.
Converting your car to professional standards .
Constructing heat exchangers

33. Above Top Secret: Uncover the Mysteries of the Digital Age - by Jim Marrs 2008

Jim Marrs can justifiably be considered the world’s leading conspiracy author, with multimillion bestsellers like Alien Agenda, Rule by Secrecy, and the book that Oliver Stone used as a basis for his JFK movie, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy. Now Marrs has allied with the web’s most popular conspiracy forum to investigate everything from chemtrails to the Nazis’ Antarctic base, moon landing hoaxes to UFOs, God as an alien to the end of the world in 2012. is the Internet’s largest and most popular discussion board community, with more than twelve million page views per month. It is dedicated to the intelligent exchange of ideas and debate on a wide range of “alternative topics” such as conspiracies, UFOs, paranormal, secret societies, political scandals, new world order, terrorism, and dozens of related topics. AboveTopSecret’s popular podcast is downloaded tens of millions of times per month.

Marrs brings his rigorous journalist’s credentials to bear on these topics and more, asking (and often answering) the essential who, what, when, where, why, and how questions in compelling, page-turning fashion.

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Jim Marrs has worked for several Texas newspapers, including the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. After a leave of absence to serve with Fourth Army intelligence during the Vietnam War, he became a military and aerospace writer for the newspaper and an investigative reporter. Since 1980, Marrs has been a freelance writer, author, and frequently invited public speaker

34. 9/11 Masonic Terrorism in Early America: The 9/11 Masonic Capture & Subsequent Terrorist Of Murder of Capt. William Morgan in the year 1826 - by John Daniel 2002

In U.S. history, the Anti-Masonic Movement reflected a long-
standing suspicion of secret fraternal orders, culminating in the
political activities of the Anti-Masonic Party (1827-36). The
movement was touched off in 1826 in western New York by the
mysterious disappearance of William Morgan, a Freemason who
had prepared for publication a book revealing the secrets of the
Order of the Masons. Charged with stealing and indebtedness,
Morgan was imprisoned and then reportedly kidnapped shortly
after his release. He was never heard from afterward, and it was
widely thought that he had been murdered. After prolonged
investigation… the press, churches, temperance and antislavery
elements joined in condemning the apparent “murder.”

35. Magic Avebury: Prehistoric Monuments and Their Spiritual Signi?cance - by Peter Prevos 1998–2004

Avebury is a village South of London where some of the most important Neolithic sites
in Europe are located. In this paper I will give a description of some of the monuments
in the area and discuss some interpretations of their use in ancient and recent days.
What fascinated me most about these ancient monuments is that they are in use
by modern day pagans. Around the area there are left over ?owers and other signs of
ritual offerings by the neo-pagans. I had a vivid discussion with Sam Fleming because
I do not condemn the use of Neolithic monuments for ritual use. She wrote A plea to
practicing pagans, an article about the ritual use by neo-pagans of ancient monuments
(Fleming, 2000), an article on psychic vandalism around prehistoric monuments. Sam
opposes any neo-pagan use of the monuments. Her arguments are that it causes a lot
of physical as well as spiritual damage to the monuments.
I will argue in this paper, that using these monuments for ritual purposes is the best
way to preserve the monuments as it transforms them from mere ancient curiosities to
places of meaning.

36. The Writing on the Wall: Part 2 - Vatican Disclosure

Zecharia Sitchin is a Sumerian and Hebrew scholar who has translated key writings from
Sumerian tablets and has published a series of books known as the Earth Chronicles.
These books deal with the birth of our most recent civilization, starting in the Nile region,
about 12,800 years ago, which is highly disputed by the historians and universities who
have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo (See Director’s Archives -The Writing
on The Wall- Part 1). The chronicles talk about the inhabitants of a twelfth planet known
as Nibiru, who were responsible for the creation of humans, or the Adam Kadmon, of
whom we are descendents. This information fills in the gaps of our Hebrew bible, and
allows us to understand the battles between two brothers, Enlil and Enki (in our bible these
brothers are considered as one; benevolent and malevolent), and the continuing battles
between their sons and daughters for dominion on Earth.These battles are responsible for
many of the current conflicts in the middle east and even with our modern-day religions.
According to Sitchin, Thoth -- the god of science, writing, mathematics, calendars and
architecture -- was the brother of Ra and was banished from Egypt due to a power conflict
that included power-brokering, jealousy, sacred numbers and calendars (some of which
are still a source of contention, even between the Maya). He supposedly resettled in Cen-
tral America, building a new civilization similar to that in Egypt. He has been called
Quetzalcoatl and Kulkulkan by those in Central America, and according to Sitchin, the
Mayans may well be one of the Lost Tribes of Israel.
During the Spanish Inquisition, the Vatican-supported Spanish army swept through the
region, killed many indigenous tribes, burned sacred books, and destroyed structures and
temples that held information pertinent to the origins and sacred teachings of these tribes.
They forced the remaining tribes into indoctrinated submission, and replaced indigenous
religion and practices with Catholicism and the Julian calendar, which was later replaced
by the Gregorian calendar.

37. The Hidden Mysteries of Freemasonry

AVING BEEN informed that I had received all of the light which may be conferred in a Master
Mason Lodge, I have continued to seek Light, More Light and Further Light. I was particularly struck
by such things as the Basis of Freemasonry as found in the Middle Chamber Lecture. When I asked
several Brothers what the Basis of Freemasonry was or brought up the subject of ‘the Hidden
Mysteries of Freemasonry,’ a puzzled look tended to fall across their faces. At this point I soon
discovered the subject would be quickly dropped and they would go in search of a doughnut or a cup
of coffee. The inner language of Masonry and the Perennial World Philosophy is a language of the Heart. This is
very well illustrated in the following thought, found some time after having written this chapter:
“. . . becoming aware of the limits of one’s senses is the first step.
If you want your path to be a beautiful one,
you must go far beyond mere intellectual comprehension of the facts.
You must open yourself up to a reflection of a spiritual nature, unique to each of us.
This should allow you to discover the world and its people
beyond the too frequently opaque veil of appearances.
You will work with your heart . . . nothing but your heart!
You will think with it and through it!
I know you know this deep within; I have nothing more to reveal to you.”
I noted that I was considered a bit of a ‘Druid’ for my interest in such matters, and that there were few, if any,
Lodges of Instruction or Brothers in the Lodge who were conversant with or would speak of such matters. I tried
Brothers, and so up ‘the line,’ and still found no Instruction in these matters. One day, after having researched the
Constitutions and Masonic Law, I asked if a Brother had a ‘Right’ to ask for Instruction. I was informed essentially
that, “Of course you have a ‘right,’ and a Brother has a ‘right’ to answer or not answer you, according to his interest
or level of understanding of the matter you wish to address.”
Fortunately, for many years, I have found an abundance of books and people who have studied and written
about such matters, and have found a rich tradition of Masonic studies and writings on ‘it’ also.

38. Two Faces Of Freemasonry

Federal Reserve And World War 1


exoterically according to conventional Egyptologists and ironically black Afro-Centrist Egyptologists
the ANU PEOPLES were insignificant Nile River Valley "stone age" peoples; and
esotericalIy collectively the 4 aboriginal black African peoples living along the Nile River as follows:

• ANU ANTIU __ of the country of KHENTHUNNEFER the Biblical GARDEN of EDEN and Ta Neter
(“Land of the Gods”) around the Nile River Great Lakes of Central Africa
of today’s Zaire, Rowanda, Burandi; the Fur People of Dafur Province, Sudan;
• MEROE __ living around Nile River cataract 6 to 8 between the Atbara River tributary and the
Blue Nile River tributary comprising the Lake Tana area of ancient “low lands” of
Abysinnia/Ethiopia” legendarily distinct from the “highlands of Ethiopia” called then
SHEBA and location of what HERODOTUS cited as the TABLE OF THE SUN then
and today the world’s largest irrigation farming area and thus also part of the Biblical

40. King Solomon Quarries Zedekiah's Cave - by Ron Peled 2008

he cave is the largest man-made cave in Israel. It is close to 1,000 feet in length, and spans over 2.5 acres. The entrance is not far from the Damascus Gate and lies in its entirety under the Muslim Quarter as far as Via Dolorosa in the old city of Jerusalem. Even at the entrance one can see that it descends into a very long cave (like in the picture) “And it came to pass in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, the tenth day of the month,

41. Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs - by Barbara Mertz

This updated and revised version of Dr. Mertz's stunning collection of everything related to the civilization of ancient Egypt is brought to life through Lorna Raver's informative and entertaining narration. Presented as half textbook, half historical fiction, Raver finds a solid balance between the two genres. Her voice brims with mystery and the unknown as she, along with the listener, travels along the path that Mertz has meticulously paved from the earliest glimpses of the remarkable civilization to the very latest discoveries. Raver is solid and unwavering throughout, sounding as though she's enjoying the information she so clearly presents. She brings fun and excitement to a field that many consider to be overly analyzed and studied, offering a learning experience through an abundance of speculative fiction sure to capture the minds of even the youngest listeners.

42. Ancient Pagan & Modern Christian Symbolism - by Dr. Thomas Inman 2004

Christians feel that they have a divine monopoly on truth. They do not. This book irrefutably shows how much of Christianity's symbols are from far earlier "pagan" sources. This book does not disparage Christianity but provides a connecting link for what has been a continuous source of symbolic knowledge handed down to us from the ancients. Numerous illustrations.

43. Agenda 21 Document

Agenda 21 document - blueprint for the unipolar world under one religion

44. The Book of LIFE-Ascesion and the Divine World Order - by Michael Sharp

Michael Sharp is a sociologist and mystic who has traveled an accelerated path of spiritual awakening. In this book Michael shares, with clarity and precision, the fundamental truths of our existence on this earth. From the nature of creation to our purpose on this earth, Michael takes us on the lightning ride of spiritual awakening, self-recognition, and empowerment. This book is for people who are tired of the insanity of this world and want the clear, crystal truth of their inner Divinity and exalted spiritual purpose. This book is for people who want to make a real difference in their lives and the lives of those they love. As above in consciousness, so below in matter (tm). The change you seek is within you.

45. Souls of Distortion Awakening - A convergence of science and spirituality

Souls of Distortion Awakening is a coherent view of the progress of science, through Newton, Einstein, quantum and post-quantum physics, to show how science is moving towards an understanding of the quantum evolutionary leap/transition process around 2012. The book runs parallel to some of Wilcock's Divine Cosmos and is an impressive overview, and has been finished in an amazingly short time - we are still waiting for the rest of Divine Cosmos – so this book is essential reading for 2012 researchers.

46. The Obama Deception Guide

A guide for viewers of "The Obama Deception" which includes links and further research about what's happening in America

47. Forensic Analysis Obama Birth Certificate -Got MS Paint ?

This Report contains two summaries of forensic Analyses of the supposed genuine Birthcertificate of Senator Barack Hussein Obama. The first one was carried out by israelinsider and the second one by *** Copyright © 2005-2008 Pamela Geller | All Rights Reserved *** Please help to spread this like a Virus before the Thought Crime Police signs a Partnership Program with Google under S1959 which awaits approval from the Senate.