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40 Years of the GDR - Has It All Been Forgotten?

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This German television documentary provides a look back at the history of the former East Germany and what remained after its collapse, a topic now rarely revisited in the media. The documentary focuses on the question: What happened to those who once took part in the torchlight processions or the youth clubs? Some stories almost defy belief. There are reports about Stasi officers and prison interrogators who later set up law firms or medical practices, and about People's Army deserters, who even today are still classified as criminals. Even the consequences of Sports doping practices in the GDR are only now coming to light. These emotionally powerful stories about an almost forgotten group of people in Germany are told in ten reports taken from ten years of the current-events show 'Kontraste', from 1992 to 2001.

German narration and English subtitles. Produced in 2002, released on DVD in 2009.

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