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34 Million Illuminati Americans Keeping Earth in Turmoil Jay Parker

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34 Million Illuminati Americans Keeping Earth in Turmoil Jay Parker Jay Parker: How 34 million Satanic-Illuminati Americans keep Earth in turmoil VANCOUVER, B.C. - In this compelling in-depth interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Jay Parker, who was born into a multi-generational Satanic-Illuminati family and received MONARCH trauma-based mind-control as a child, discusses (1) Satanic-Illuminati control of U.S. and world society and religions; (2) His personal life experiences being brought up in a Satanic-Illuminati family; and (3) Inter-dimensional (Luciferic-Satanic) or extraterrestrial forces that interact with and control the Satanic-Illuminati power structure. audio: A Look into the Darkness Jay Parker with Jeff Rense (64kbps).mp3 BNE Radio Show with guest Jay Parker (64kbps).mp3 Change your reality with Jay Parker and John Arceneaux (64kbps).mp3 Illuminati Family Member Speaks Out, Ritual Child Abuse Deprogramming Techniques Jay Parker (64kbps).mp3 Jay Parker 800,000 Kids Disappeared Every Year by Satanic Illuminati Paedophiles (64kbps).mp3 Jay Parker Brilliant Interview on Mark Passio on Feminism and Mind Control (64kbps).mp3 Jay Parker Explains the Dark Occult in Simple Terms (64kbps).mp3 Jay Parker Great Interview on Mark Passio on Dark Occultism (64kbps).mp3 Jay Parker Incredible Interview on Mark Passio on Illuminati Child Abuse and Pedophilia (64kbps).mp3 Jay Parker on Good Vibrations #57 with Mark Devlin SRA Trauma-based Mind Control, Feb 2015 (64kbps).mp3 Jay Parker Revelations of a Former Slave of Mind-Controlling Satanists (64kbps).mp3 Jay Parker The Great Consciousness Experiment (64kbps).mp3 Mark Passio & Jay Parker - Bohemian Grove Rituals (64kbps).mp3 Mark Passio Interviewed by Jay Parker on Truth Connections Radio on Satanic Ritualistic Abuse (64kbps).mp3 Mark Passio Interviewed by Jay Parker, Aug 4th 2015 (64kbps).mp3 Matrix Warriors 9-4-2015 Jay Parker (64kbps).mp3 No Master, No Slave 006 - Jay Parker The Illuminati, Ritual Abuse and Healing Modalities (64kbps).mp3 Organic News on EUGENICS and Satanic Ritual Abuse (64kbps).mp3 Secrets of Saturn Episode 14 Jay Parker A World of Darkness and Solutions in the Light (64kbps).mp3 Type 1 Radio Lounge with Jay Parker 2-25-2012 (64kbps).mp3 ebooks: Antony Sutton - Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution.pdf Babylon's Banksters - Farrell, Joseph P.pdf Bloodlines of the Illuminati - Fritz Springmeier.pdf Bryson - The Fluoride Deception (2004).pdf Giza Death Star Destroyed - Farrell Joseph P.pdf Illuminati The Cult That Hijacked the World - Henry Makow (2008).pdf John Lamb Lash - Not in his Image.pdf Mark Philips and Cathy O Brien - Tranceformation of America.pdf Seeds of Destruction - William Engdahl.pdf Springmeier Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula.pdf Springmeier Wheeler Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula v2 pdf.pdf The Curse of Canaan - Eustace Mullins.pdf The World Order - Eustace Mullins.pdf The World Order, Our Secret Rulers, 2nd ed - Eustace Mullins.pdf Trance Formation of America - Mark Philips and Cathy O Brien.pdf Trilaterals Over America - Antony Sutton.pdf Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler - Antony Sutton.pdf videos: Face to Face Sacha Stone with Santos Bonacci, Jay Parker, Lorraine Flaherty, 21 Jan 2015 (480p).mp4 Jay Parker - Awaken Those Around you to Satanic NWO Depopulation Geoengineering (360p).mp4 Jay Parker - How 34 Million Satanic Illuminati Americans Keep Earth in Turmoil (360p).mp4 Jay Parker - Satanic Illuminati Family Abuse and the Mind Control Case of John Du Pont (360p).mp4 Jay Parker At the 1st Free Your Mind Conference 2011 (480p).mp4 Jay Parker At the 2nd Free Your Mind Conference 2013 (480p).mp4 Jay Parker At the 3rd Free Your Mind Conference 2015 (480p).mp4 tags: satanism, illuminati, conspiracy, mind control, ET, aliens, SRA, MPD, rituals, occult
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He comes from the Secret Space Program and has been talking with David Wilcock.
I used to like this Parker guy... but after Corey it seems very suspicious the friendly relationship between Parker and the reptilians and insectoids...