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3 Satanism related Videos

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666.searching.for.satan this is around 45 mins in length. Starts out with some people that think they see some kind of demonic spirit. Next there is a satanist that wants to go to hell. Then there are the son of sam and manson murders and how maybe satan had a influence.

Disinfonation_Satanic_Cults the first 10mins or so is about a satanic cult that looks rather harmless but wait and see as you find hardly nothing about them. Most of the info comes from a satanic investigator. I feel like they left a lot of his info out. Some of it plays at the credits.
This one contains some nudity. The length on this video is 24 mins

Satanism - The Dark History-This Doc is roughly 22mins and goes into the philosophy of satanists that don't believe in a devil figure. This one might be the most informative

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