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2020-11-13 City of Edmonton Meeting - Mask Bylaw Extension

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The human beings that reside in Edmonton have spoken.. and they will continue to speak on Charter Rights violations.
People stated their views and there were 49 opposed - 1 in favour. No matter what the media spin is**. Council may not have been prepared for the overwhelming public backlash.
Another meeting has been scheduled to accommodate the 50 people that were still waiting to speak.

Round 2 November 19 2020 City Hall.

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Meeting Type - Community and Public Services Committee
Meeting Date - 2020 Nov 13
Agenda Item Number(s) 6.7
Agenda Item Title(s) - Bylaw 19491 - Amendment to Extend the Temporary Mandatory Face Covering Bylaw
An extension of Bylaw 19408 that has been in force since August 1, 2020

Source YouTube; clipped off the frontend from timestamp:

**Local Media Spin - 6 minutes 15 seconds in:


So after Edmonton City Council received a public spanking over the mask extension (which led to them scheduling a second public debate on the subject), THEY'VE CANCELLED IT!!! Instead,they're going straight to a vote this Friday but you do have tomorrow to get a written submission to them. David will be forwarding his Costco Human Rights Complaint for their consideration. What's the matter, Andrew Knack?? Couldn't recruit enough maskers for your motion to look remotely credible?? Democracy is dead... in case anyone hasn't already noticed!!

ATTENTION: All those who registered to speak to the Edmonton committee tomorrow, the city has CANCELED the meeting and also DEMOCRACY. This issue has been sent to a council meeting on Friday where speakers WILL NOT BE HEARD. Apparently people can provide a written submission. If this angers you as much as it angers me, please call your councilor and tear them a new one. ESPECIALLY ANDREW KNACK.
Knack’s number is 780-496-8122
Mike Nickel seems to be in favour of democracy but call him too: 780-496-8113
Aaron Paquette:780-496-8138
Idiot Iveson: 780-496-8100
City clerk: 780-496-8178

The meeting was Friday behind closed doors and the city extended the bylaw to the end of 2021 despite the 98% consensus by speakers opposed to the bylaw extension.

These friends of mine got to speak too at the meeting. I never did get my chance so I wrote in a letter that was ignored instead.
David and Karen Dickson

Josh (The Angry Albertan)