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The 2018 Regain Your Brain Summit, 1st - 12th March 2018

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From the producers of the acclaimed series Awakening from Alzheimer's comes Regain Your Brain, a world premiere online video event featuring all-new interviews with 12 of the world's leading brain experts.

Learn directly from today's pioneers in neuroscience, who are going to teach you how to protect yourself and restore your mind to optimal health!

Day 01:
Getting Started - Lee Euler and Peggy Sarlin
The Master Plan to Reverse Memory Loss and Regain Your Brain

Day 02:
The “Silver Buckshot” Protocol - Dr. Dale Bredesen
Identifying and Reversing the 3 Primary Forms of Dementia

Day 03:
How to Make Your Brain Better - Dr. Daniel Amen
Even When You’ve Been Bad to It!

Day 04:
“The Power of When” - Dr. Michael Breus
Harness Your Body’s Internal Clock to Get Smarter, Think Faster, and Remember More

Day 05:
Your Toxic Brain - Dr. Mary Kay Ross
How to Test For and Treat the Metals, Molds, and Toxins Erasing Your Memory

Day 06:
Memory Loss - Dr. Pamela Wartian Smith
What You Must Know About Memory Loss and How to Stop It

Day 07:
Ketogenic Superfood - Dr. Mary Newport
The food that Reverses Memory Loss, Tames Blood Sugar, and Slashes Inflammation

Day 08:
Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Overstressed - Dr. Joseph Maroon
Preserving the Body and Mind of the Caregiver

Day 09:
Neuroplasticity - Dr. Norman Doidge
Repair and Reverse Degenerative Brain Disease

Day 10:
The SHINE Protocol - Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
Tune Up Your Brain to Think and Feel Better

Real Life Recovery - Dr. Shari Caplan
Meet 3 People Who Regained Their Brain Through Functional Protocols

Day 11:
A Better Brain - Dr. David Perlmutter
A Second Chance for a Better Brain

Day 12:
The Immortal Brain - Dr. Michael Fossel
New Frontiers in Genetic Expression

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