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The 2018 Holistic Oral Health Summit, 12th - 19th March 2018

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Doctors and health experts reveal why hidden poisons in your mouth cause cancer, arthritis, heart disease and more. Oral health is the most overlooked health issue in conventional and integrative medicine, yet...

+ A Harvard study showed that men with gum disease are 63% more likely to get pancreatic cancer!
+ Many dental materials are toxic. Remove them and say goodbye to chronic headaches, arthritis pain, back pain, bladder problems and more!
+ By reversing gum disease you’ll get rid of stomach pain, diabetes, heart disease, immunity problems and even osteoporosis!
+ Silent root canal infections can wreck your health. Heal your body and you can stop and even reverse cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, lung problems, stomach ulcers and pregnancy complications!
+ The dental mercury in “silver” fillings is the hidden cause of Alzheimer’s, memory loss, and depression. Remove them the right way and protect your brain!
+ Sneaky gangrene from an everyday tooth extraction can cause autoimmune disease. Cure it and experience miracle healing!

Day 1: March 12, 2018
Conventional Dentistry: A Risk to Society - Mike Adams
Is It Wise to Keep Your Wisdom Teeth? - Blanche D. Grube, DDS
Cancer Success Story: My Path to Healing - Robert Kleinwaks, DC
Toxins and Bugs: The Dangers Lurking in the Mouth - Oksana Sawiak, DDS, IMD, MAGD
Dental Implant News: Warning and Solutions - Gary Larsen, DDS

Day 2: March 13, 2018
Cavitation Dangers: How to Heal Properly - Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS
Solutions for Heart Disease and Oral Infections - Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD
Is Your Mouth Killing You? - Christopher Hussar, DDS, DO
Medical Alert: Root Canal Procedures - Robert Kulacz, DDS
The Truth About Gum Disease - John Rothchild, DDS

Day 3: March 14, 2018
Natural Solutions for Toxic Dental Procedures - Robyn Openshaw
Removing Toxins with Chelation Therapy - Dr. Thomas Janossy
Gum Disease: Signs, Symptoms and Solutions - Lane Freeman, DDS
Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know - Veronique Desaulniers, DC
Dangerous Dentistry: A Medical Perspective - David Minkoff, MD

Day 4: March 15, 2018
Digestive Solutions: The Oral Health-Gut Connection - Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN
Mercury Poisoning: Signs, Tests and a Detox Plan - Chris Shade, PhD
Mercury Exposure: An Alzheimer’s Disease Alert - Boyd Haley, PhD
Mercury Amalgam Silver Fillings: A Guide to Safe Removal - Leonard T. Fazio, DDS
Your Cancer Risk EXPOSED - Ty Bollinger

Day 5: March 16, 2018
Essential Oils for Oral Health - Eric Zielinski, DC
Suppressed Dental Crimes and Natural Remedies - David Kennedy, DDS
How to Pick the Best Dentist for Your Health - Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD
Natural Remedies for Oral Health - Robert Scott Bell
Integrative Medical Dentistry: Treating the Neuro-immune System - Mark McClure, DDS, FAGD

Day 6: March 17, 2018
7 Questions to Ask Your Dentist - Marjory Wildcraft
Your Mouth and Body: Creating Healthy Chemistry and Energy - Tammy Kohlschmidt, RDH, CTT, CBP
Oil Pulling Therapy: A Natural Way to Kill Infections - Bruce Fife, ND
Why am I Still Sick: Overlooked Solutions Revealed - Lowell B. Weiner, DDS, FAGD
How to Stay Healthy in a Chronically-inflamed World - Thomas Lokensgard, DDS, NMD

Day 7: March 18, 2018
Holistic Dental Care: Your Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums - Nadine Artemis
Integrative Biological Dentistry: A Non-toxic Approach - Phil Mollica, DDS
Are Your Teeth Making You Sick? - Dawn Ewing, PhD
Vitamin C Therapy: Neutralizing Dental Toxins - Ronald Hunninghake, MD
Health Alert: Avoiding the Dangers of Dentistry - Leo Cashman

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