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The 2018 Healing Power of Food Summit, 13th - 20th October 2018

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The 2018 Healing Power of Food Summit, 13th - 20th October 2018

You want to make healthy choices in what you’re eating. But there’s so much conflicting information from so many sources. You want to heal naturally, but how do you know where to go for the truth or who to trust?

Join the world’s most respected visionaries, authors, and experts and reclaim your health with the food you eat. This is critical information that you won’t get from conventional doctors.

You will get answers to tough questions like:
+ What are alternative therapies other than traditional western medical pharmaceuticals to heal my current health issues?
+ How can I determine for sure what is causing my health issues and how to fix them?
+ How do I get out of this rut and eat CLEAN while not feeling deprived or looking for a "forbidden food" to consume?
+ What things do I do short term to heal and what things do I do forever?
+ How can I heal my gut when I cannot tolerate most foods?
+ When I seem to be doing the "right things" and still have health issues, what additional things can be done?
+ What's the formula or process for me to consistently eat healthy?
+ What are the best, most effective supplements for the microbiome?
+ Can the microbiome be restored if it was damaged by antibiotics years ago?
+ What can I do that will HEAL me, not just stop the symptoms?
+ How do I know if my gut is healed and what is the protocol for maintenance?

Which Diet Works for Me? (Saturday, October 13)
- Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? - Mark Hyman, MD
- Getting Unstuck with Keto - Robb Wolf
- Miracle of the Mediterranean Diet - Mark Stengler, NMD
- The Rainbow Diet - Deanna Minich, PhD

Healing the Microbiome (Sunday, October 14)
- Early Biomarkers of a Brain on Fire - Tom O’Bryan, DC
- To Eat or Not to Eat? When Food Becomes an Enemy - Peter Osborne, DC
- Making Illness Optional - Naveen Jain

Reducing Inflammation (Monday, October 15)
- The Healing Power of Resistant Starch - Alan Christianson, NMD
- The Truth About Food - David Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM
- The Seafood Prescription: How You Can Live A Healthier, Happier, Longer Life with Nature’s Perfect Food - Randy Hartnell
- How Safe is Your Drinking Water? - Peter Spiegel

Psychology of Eating (Tuesday, October 16)
- The Science of Sustainable Weight Loss - Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD
- Eating for Intuition - Razi Berry
- Using Food to Fix Your Metabolism - Brian Mowll, MLDE, CDE
- The Healing Power of the Endocannabinoid - Jade Beutler

Using Food as Energy (Wednesday, October 17)
- The Power of Matcha - John Harrison
- Clean Skin from Within - Trevor Cates, ND
- Top 12 Foods to Burn Fat for Fuel - David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

The Gut/Brain Connection (Thursday, October 18)
- The Gut Brain Connection: Who Really Is in Charge? - Stephen Barrie, ND, PhD
- Foods for a Better Brain - Steven Masley, MD
- Reclaim Your Brain - Patrick Holford, BSc, DipION, FBANT, NTCRP

Health Benefits of Organic Food (Friday, October 19)
- Your Food Revolution - Ocean Robbins
- Food Sanity: Breaking Through the Fads and Fiction - David Friedman, ND, DC
- The Healing Power of Uncontaminated Food - Joe Pizzorno, ND
- The Next Frontier of Food Safety - Jackie Bowen, MPH, MS

Nutrigenomics and the Future of Food as Medicine (Saturday, October 20)
- The Disease Delusion - Jeff Bland, PhD
- Your Genes. Your Food - Ben Lynch, ND
- Advances in Nutritional Science to Slow Aging, Prevent Cancer and Dementia - Joel Fuhrman, MD

Putting It All Together (Sunday, October 21)
- The Magic of Food and the Synergetic Diet - Michael Murray, ND
- Drop 7 foods, Lose 7 pounds, just 7 days - JJ Virgin
- Reversing Diabetes - Neal Barnard, MD
- The Metabolism Secret - Jade Teta, ND
- Breakthroughs in Natural Medicine - Sayer Ji
- Change your brain, change your life - Daniel Amen, MD

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