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The 2018 Healing from GMOs & Roundup Summit, 17th - 26th July 2018

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Watch 18 pre-eminent doctors, researchers and product developers as they share their astonishing findings from the lab to the clinic. Discover how you can protect yourself and your family from the devastating effects of GMOs and Roundup based on their new, leading-edge research.

Watch us to discover:
- Clinical evidence of dramatic declines in children’s health over the last two decades
- How damage builds up in our bodies over time as a result of eating GMOs and getting constant exposure to glyphosate (the main ingredient in Roundup)
- Links between GMOs and glyphosate poisoning and leaky gut, inflammation throughout the body, and the many symptoms that result from these conditions
- The underlying situation that disrupts your body’s ability to function effectively thereby creating the conditions for otherwise inexplicable chronic illnesses
- Why it’s critical for each of us to take charge of our health and not rely on government regulators to protect us
- How glyphosate robs the soil and our bodies of the ability to make essential medicinal compounds and disrupts cell to cell communication, which is at the heart of virtually all disease
- New perspectives on the microbiome that turn everything you know on its head
- How bacterial communication molecules, discovered in soil five years ago, can reverse deteriorating effects of Roundup
- Recommendations for cleaning the lymph system, remineralizing, using antioxidants, and protecting yourself from pesticides and pharmaceuticals in our environment
- A highly effective, accessible, proven, structured and detailed protocol for releasing glyphosate from your body
- Tested and proven supplements, foods, probiotics, culinary herbs, and approaches to diet that support recovery, vitality and resiliency
- Why eating more herbs and salad may play a key role in healing (it’s not what you think!)
- How nature herself has the gifts of balance and healing, and how certain ancestral foods may protect us from modern dangers
- Why fermented foods is a highly effective addition to your diet to create greater vitality, mental clarity and promote weight loss
- Simple and easy methods for making fermented foods at home that could save you thousands of dollars at the doctor’s office
- Deeper understanding of the specific benefits (and problems) of cruciferous veggies, sulphur based foods, turmeric, onions and garlic, for nutrition, healing, and detoxification.

July 17, 2018
+ Mapping the Known Health Dangers of GMOs - Jeffrey Smith
+ Protect Yourself from Microbiome Distress Caused by Glyphosate - Dr. Zach Bush, MD

July 18, 2018
+ Your Friendly Bacteria Are Your Greatest Health Ally - Kiran Krishnan
+ Monsanto’s Cover up of How Our Food Supply has been Poisoned - Carey Gillam

July 19, 2018
+ Glyphosate is Even Worse than We Thought - Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD
+ What’s Making Our Children Sick? - Dr. Michelle Perro, MD

July 20, 2018
+ How to Eliminate 74% of Glyphosate from Your Body - David Sandoval & Endre Nagy
+ Nourish Your Gut and “Second Brain” with Fermented Foods - Karen Diggs

July 21, 2018
+ How Far Has Glyphosate Spread? - Larry Bohlen
+ Defend Yourself and Family from Bt Toxins Produced by GMO Corn - Dr. Tom O’Bryan, DC

July 22, 2018
+ Importance of Increased Minerals and Detoxification - Dr. Lee Cowden, MD
+ A Love Affair with Food, Nature’s Medicine CabinetJulie Daniluk

July 23, 2018
+ What Ancient Healing Systems Offer Modern Illness - Dr. Josh Axe, NMM, DC
+ Nutrition’s Role in Anxiety, Depression and Obesity - Dr. Hyla Cass, MD

July 24, 2018
+ Create Reliable, Consistent Energy Everyday - Dr. Joe Mercola, DO
+ What’s Killing the Cows? - Mike McNeil, PhD

July 25, 2018
+ Learning from the Wisdom of Animals - Dr. Barbara Royal
+ Indigenous Herbal Wisdom Was Right - Prof. G.E. Seralini, PhD

July 26, 2018
+ RNA’s Critical Role in Our Health - Sayer Ji
+ Questions and Answers - Jeffrey Smith

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