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The 2018 EMF Health Summit, 18th - 24th September 2018

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Are you concerned about the ocean of EMFs we’re drowning in (cell phones, Wifi, smart meters, Bluetooth, and even common household appliances)? Scientists are already sounding the alarm about the health dangers posed to You and Your Family…and 5G is just around the corner! Cancers, Brain Tumors, Alzheimer’s, heart problems, asthma, depression, headaches, memory loss, and chronic inflammation along with other health conditions are all associated with common, low-level EMF exposure.

Did you know?
+ Using your cell phone just 30 minutes a day can increase brain tumor risks by 40%
+ 24 Hours of EMF Exposure can induce more DNA damage than 1,600 chest X-Rays
+ Strong evidence of cancer for people that use mobile phones next to their head – say’s Harvard trained medical doctor David Carpenter
+ Spanish, French, and German Governments have issued recommendations to ban WiFi from schools
+ Multiple studies link EMFs with Chronic inflammation suffered by 60% of Americans
+ Incidence of GBM (a deadly brain tumor linked to cell phone use) has DOUBLED in the United Kingdom from 1995 to 2015
+ EMFs are silently affecting you, even if you can’t feel it

Day 1 (18 September 2018)
- How To Protect Your Family From The Shocking Cancer Risk Found In most Homes - Dave Stetzer, Power Expert
- Healthy Homes: Simple Steps to Keep Your Family Safe (1st interview) - Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS
- EMFs and Mental Health Issues Exposed: Natural and Nutritional Solutions - Trudy Scott, CN
- Industry Cover-up of Cancer, DNA Damage, and Infertility - Frank Clegg, Ex CEO Microsoft Canada
- How EMFs are Killing The Animals We Love - Marlene Siegel, DVM

Day 2 (19 September 2018)
- How to Detox Your Body And Your Brain From the Invisible Sea of EMFs - Joseph Mercola, MD
- Create EMF-Safe Green Living Spaces Including Choosing a Location, Building Your Home, or Updating an Older Home - Alex Stadtner, BBEC, MS
- How to Opt-Out of Smart Meters and Save Your Family's Health - Josh del Sol Beaulieu, Filmmaker
- EMF Science: Simple Steps to Safeguard your Health - David Carpenter, MD
- Eat To Beat EMFs: Practical Tips On How To Fortify Your System - Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

Day 3 (20 September 2018)
- Sounding the Alarm: Science links EMFs to Increased Incidence of Cancer and Other Serious Health Problems - Olle Johansson, PhD
- The Truth About EMFs and Cancer: Practical Steps You Can Take - Ty Bollinger, Author
- How Gut Health Can Heal and Protect You From EMFs - Tom O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN
- 5G is Coming and What YOU Can Do About It NOW (2nd interview) - Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS
- Top 5 EMF Protection Tips From Esteemed Medical Doctor - Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD

Day 4 (21 September 2018)
- The Truth About the Wireless Elephant in the Room and What to Do About It - Camilla Rees, MBA
- Exposing the Link Between Digital Toxins and Chronic Diseases - Jay Davidson, D.C., PSc.D
- The Inconvenient Truth: What Happens Every Time You Put a Cell Phone Against Your Head - Jack Kruse, MD
- Why EMFs are the Tobacco of the Digital Age: Strategies For Minimizing Your Exposure - Bill Cadwallader, MBA, EMRS
- Biohack Your Home: Boost Your Physical Fitness Naturally - Ben Greenfield, Author

Day 5 (22 September 2018)
- Can Your Diet Protect You Against The Dangers Of EMFs? - Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PScD
- Earthing: Easy Ways to Protect Yourself From Chronic Inflammation - Gaetan Chevalier, PhD
- Accelerating Cellular Regeneration - How to Protect Yourself from EMF’s - Daniel Pompa, PSc.D
- Can Ancient Herbs & Oils Provide EMF Protection? - Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN
- Electrosmog: Inexpensive Ways to Look and Feel Years Younger - Nick Pineault, Health Journalist

Day 6 (23 September 2018)
- How Metal Fillings Multiply EMF Toxicity and What To Do About It - Jonathan Landsman, Health Researcher
- Breaking the Dam of Denial: Infertility and The Effects on Our Children’s Brains - Lloyd Morgan, Senior Researcher EHT
- Healing Sleep: EMF Protection for the 60% of Americans with Chronic Diseases - Trevor Marshall PhD, BE, ME
- Restore Intercellular Communication: The Road To Health - Zach Bush, MD
- EMF Deathtraps: How School Wifi Is Poisoning Our Children - Cece Doucette, BA, MA

Day 7 (24 September 2018)
- EMF Science: An Inconvenient Truth - Paul Heroux, PhD
- Mind-Body Freedom From Electromagnetic, Chemical, and Emotional Stress - Eva Detko, PhD, MSc
- The Electric Universe and Quantum Light Healing Methods - Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, MB ChB, PhD
- Tech and Nutritional Health Hacks from Former Silicon Valley Heavyweight - Peter Sullivan, BA,MS
- Best Functional Medicine Lab Tests To Improve Your Health - Stephen Cabral, ND

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