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The 2017 That Vitamin Summit, 18th - 24th May 2017

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That Vitamin Summit is a collection of 21 presentations about Vitamins and Supplements.

That Vitamin Summit will help explain:
+ How many vitamins SHOULD I be taking, and how crucial is the source?
+ Vitamin Tablet Ingredients. Could some of them actually be bad for you?
+ Crohns, UTI's, Asthma, Acne and many more How can supplements help?
+ Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes. Which vitamins can really help me with these diseases?
+ Vaccines. What role can nutrition play, if any?
+ My Children's health. How much is too much?
+ Can't I get enough from just eating fruits and vegetables?
+ Nutrition Advice We expose some of the worst we've heard

DAY 1 Presentations
Dr Jay Davidson - Your liver and gallbladder
James Colquhoun - Does Food REALLY Matter?
Dr Eric Zielinski - Essential Oils for Metabolic Syndrome

DAY 2 Presentations
Phillip Day - Whose fault is it that we're sick?
Tom Malterre - PPI's and vitamins D&K
Andrew Saul - The 'B' Vitamins and Niacin

DAY 3 Presentations
Dr David Jockers - Supporting the stress response
Dr Alan Gaby - Nutritional Treatment for various diseases
Dr Ron Hunninghake - Vitamin C - the crucial ingredient

DAY 4 Presentations
Dr Thomas Levy - Antibiotics, Vaccines and Vitamins
Dr Joseph Mercola - Fat for Fuel
Dr Michael Gonzalez - Vitamin C and Cancer

DAY 5 Presentations
Trevor King - Naturally Cure Depression
Dr Neil Riordan - Stem Cell Treatments
Trudy Scott, CN - Amino acids for anxiety

DAY 6 Presentations
Sayer Ji - Discussing some lesser known supplements
Helen Saul Case - Vitamins and Vaccines
Dr Victor Marcial-Vega - Integrative Supplementation

DAY 7 Presentations
Dr V. Desaulniers - Breast Cancer Protocol
Andrew Saul - Putting it all together
Jonathan Landsman - Exposing the worst nutritional advice ever

This is important information for long term health in the modern age and should be freely available to the public. Please share and seed generously to keep this torrent alive for years to come. Check out my other Health Summit torrents also!

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