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The 2017 Truth About Pet Cancer Mini-Series, 17th - 21st October 2017

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We’re in the middle of a worldwide epidemic. Cancer rates in pets have skyrocketed in the last 20 years - now higher than ever in history.

Today as many as 3 out of 5 dogs (60%), and 1 out of 3 cats (30%) are getting cancer - and veterinarian and loving pet parents need to know what to do to keep their animals safe. This year 2 million dogs and cats will be diagnosed with cancer. As little as 5% are attributed to genetics. The remaining 95% are caused by environment and lifestyle.

But here’s good news. You can HEAL and PREVENT CANCER in Your Pets! Here is what you’ll discover in this five part mini-series:

+ The two biggest environmental factors of cancer. It’s the underlying cause of 90% of dog and cat cancer. Why your pet’s are at greater risk than humans, and what you can do about it.

+ The hidden dangers lurking in your home that are slowly destroying your pet’s health. Eliminating these are the first step on your cancer prevention quest.

+ Warning! Is canned dog food healthier? Toxin found that accelerates the growth of breast cancer in female dogs. Don’t be fooled by this labeling trick.

+ This common daily activity increases lymphoma in dogs 70%. What to avoid to save your pet.

+ The shocking cancer statistics for spayed and neutered pets. What you must know before you make this critical decision for your pet.

+ Why heartworm pills don’t work. And the safe, natural therapies to use instead.

+ The essential oil home recipe that works better than cancer-causing flea and tick collars. Simply mix several drops of these three essential oils in two-thirds cup of water. It’s inexpensive, non-toxic and effective.

+ Concerned about pet vaccine safety? Pets receive up to 21 vaccines by the time they’re 16 weeks old. Are all those pet vaccines really necessary? The shocking truth.

+ 99% of pets NEVER need a second rabies vaccine. But the law requires one every three years. Demand this blood test for your pet before you revaccinate.

+ Never ever vaccinate a pet at this age. You could save your precious pet from a future cancer diagnosis.

+ Plus, the only 3 vaccinations your pet needs. Forget the rest. They won’t increase your pet’s immunity and will just make them sick.

Episode Schedule:
October 17 - Chapter 1: The History...
October 19 - Chapter 2: Hidden Hazards...
October 21 - Chapter 3: The New Diet...
October 23 - Chapter 4: Heal & Repair...
October 25 - Chapter 5: Exactly How to Protect Your Pets

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