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The 2017 Science and Soul of Healing Summit, 2nd - 6th October 2017

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How to use the Power of Science, Mindfulness, and Spiritual Practices to Transform Your Health

In This Summit You Will Learn:
+ Where Science and Traditional Healing Come Together
+ Your Health and Its Reflection of Nature
+ Essential Oils That Create Peace
+ Crystal Healing Properties
+ How Your Childhood Influences Your Health as an Adult
+ How Love Changes Cellular Health
+ How Your Hands Can Heal You
+ Soulful Nutrition
+ Traditional Healing Systems
+ Musical Vibrations That Heal
+ Flowers That Promote Joy
+ Rituals for Self-Care

Day 1
Dr. Keesha Ewers - Navigating Uncomfortable Emotions
Katie Hess - The Healing Magic of Flowers
Kerry McClure - Mindful Moments for a Vibrant Life
Beth Leone - Embody the Divine with Healing Love and Light
Razi Berry - Love is the Ultimate Medicine

Day 2
Jodi Cohen - The Healing Power of Vibrant Essential Oils
Dr. Stephania Sciamano - Energy High with Modern Shamanism
Dr. Kyrin Dunston - Meditation or Medication?
Sarica Cernohaus, LAc - Riding the Energy of the Seasons
Trish Ward - Soulful Nutrition

Day 3
Alicia Hartzell - Miracles Surround You, But Can You See Them?
Rachel Pontillo - Soul Care: Taking Care of Yourself From the Outside In and Inside Out
Megan Buer - Keys to Calm: Unlock Your Emotional Code to Have Harmony Restored
Mira Dessy - Mindfulness for the Non-Meditator
Margarita Alcantara - Chakra Self-Healing Techniques

Day 4
Mary McPherson - The Power of Sound and Frequency to Rock Your Health
Dr. Rhonda Steinke - Health Through Prana
Jeanette St. Germaine - Soul Essence: Healing and Transformation
Dr. Christine Bjordnal - Beyond The Label: You Are More Than An Illness
Kirstin Nussgruber - Cancer as a Tool for Transformation

Day 5
Master Stephen Co - Your Hands Can Heal You
Jeff Harris and Christy Snow - Cherokee Healing Stories
Ashley Leavy - From Crystal Lover to Crystal Expert
Alee Raina Hoffman - The Soul Innovator Evolution
Robin and Michael Mastro - Aligning Body, Building, Health
Jose Montoya - Thousand Year Old Medicine Still Works Today

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