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The 2017 Heal Your Hunger Workshop, 2nd - 9th October 2017

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An event focused on the underlying causes of hunger. Food cravings, emotional eating, and hunger are compromising your health, your happiness, and your repeated weight loss efforts.

Discover what these leading experts on food/mood connection, energy, nutrition, weight loss resistance, brain balance, emotions, spirituality and healing. Know about how you can find satisfaction with your food, your body and your life. Learn how you can heal your deepest hunger and live the life you are meant to live with self-love, self-care and freedom.

Learn from 40+ experts, all personally interviewed by Tricia Nelson, the bestselling author of "Heal Your Hunger: 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now"

Day 1:
Dr. Tom O'Bryan - Bread and Gluten: What’s the Harm?
Debi Silber - Overcoming a Life Crisis
Dr. Thaddeus Gala - Is Inflammation Wrecking Your Weight?
Kerry Tepedino - Natural Weight Loss
Roy Nelson - The Spiritual Journey of Weight Loss
Dr. Sue Morter - Your Healing Energy Codes
Mari Carmen Pizarro - Your Peak Health Transformation

Day 2:
Leanne Ely - Saving Dinner
Ritamarie Loscalzo - Breaking the Sugar Habit
Veronica Anderson - How to Take Charge of Your Health
Dr. Mary Clifton - Weight Loss with Plant-Based Eating
Sandra Scheinbaum - The Health Coach Movement
Teri Cochrane - Epigenetic Nutrition: The Missing Link?
Elisa Song - How to Raise Kids That Love Their Bodies

Day 3:
Alex Jamieson - Breaking the Diet Rules
Lindsey Berkson - Your Sexy Brain
Hyla Cass - Health for Anxiety and Addictions
Meg Haworth - Overcoming Victim Thinking
Sarica Cernohaus - The Lapis Method for Weight Loss
Niki Gratrix - Trauma and Addictions: What’s the Connection?

Day 4:
Wendy Myers - Detoxing for Weight Loss and Health
Cassie Bjork - Diet-Free Strategies for a Healthy Body
Jane Christensen - Your Health is in Your Hands
Megan Buer - Emotion Code Practitioner Tap into Your Unlimited Energy
Shana Ekedal - Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness
Mary Hyatt - Love Your Body Now

Day 5:
Keesha Ewers - Is Buried Trauma Making You Sick?
Dr. Joe Tatta - How to Heal Chronic Pain
Jodi Sternoff Cohen - Essential Oils for Energy, Clarity and Healing
Robyn Benson - Anti-Aging Secrets
Sheree Clark - How to Break Out and Start Living
Melodee Meyers - The Clean Food Diet

Day 6:
John Gray, PhD - Beyond Mars and Venus
Maru Dávila - The Mexican Food Diet
Joan Rosenburg - 7 Feelings That Drive Overeating
Debora Wayne - How to Heal Anything Right Now
Izabella Wentz - Hashimoto’s and Weight Loss Resistance
Shawn Tassone - Natural Solutions for Menopause Symptoms

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