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The 2017 Empowered YOU Masterclass, 5th - 18th November 2017

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Welcome to The Empowered YOU - Preconception to Postpartum Masterclass! It’s my deepest honor to share the knowledge and wisdom of these amazing 25 leading experts in fertility health and wellness.

My mission is for you to walk away from this event feeling inspired as you discover new ways to prepare your body, mind, and soul for conception and make a powerful transition into motherhood. You will learn about many factors, which influence you, your partner and your future baby, so you can make the necessary changes and give your child lifelong health and happy life.

From the toxic world around us, to the food we eat, and the fast pace of modern lifestyle, our everyday life can have a hidden yet devastating impact on our efforts to reach motherhood.

+ Find out how making some simple changes to your own health and lifestyle could be key to unlocking your ability to conceive and sustain a healthy pregnancy
+ Understand that your mindset, worrying about age, or doubting your own body, can have a big impact on achieving successful conception
+ Get out of the devastating cycle of multiple miscarriages or failed IVF treatments, and achieve the wonderful state of motherhood
+ Understand that your baby’s lifetime health starts well before conception, and how you can ensure a joyful pregnancy and delivery
+ Maintain your own identity as a woman after you have a baby

Day 1: (November 5th, 2017)
Dr. Deanna Minich - Colors, Creativity, and Connection: The 3 Cs of the Ultimate Feminine Leadership
Wendie Trubow, MD - Five Journeys to Vibrant, Optimal Health

Day 2: (November 6th, 2017)
Barbara Hanneloré - Optimize Your Fertility Cycle
Liz Escoffery - NaPro Technology: Demystifying the Unexplained Diagnosis

Day 3: (November 7th, 2017)
Jamie Johnson & Julie Donaldson - Preparing for Your Baby the Peak Health Way
Monica Bivas - How to Take a Positive Approach When Going Through IVF

Day 4: (November 8th, 2017)
Andrea Reiter - The Law of Attraction for Fertility
Claire Brett - Healing Your Fertility Story: How to rebuild your self-belief and cultivate an unstoppable mindset in order to thrive through fertility challenges, pregnancy, birth and life as a mother.

Day 5: (November 9th, 2017)
Claudia Spahr - Embodying Fertility
Elisabeth Manning - Birthing the Light: Womb Work, Mothering Your Own Inner Child and Connecting with Your Baby's Spirit

Day 6: (November 10th, 2017)
Carolyn Ledowsky - MTHFR and Fertility
Angela Heap - Having a Baby with PCOS - It's Conceivable!
Julie Stelting - Healthy Baby for Preconception to Birth and Beyond!

Day 7: (November 11th, 2017)
Nita Ewald - 1st LIVE Q&A Session

Day 8: (November 12th, 2017)
Dr. Tom O'Bryan - Gut Microbiome and Your Baby’s Lifelong Health
Rosemary McDonough - Boost Your Fertility with Self-Acupressure

Day 9: (November 13th, 2017)
Lara Adler - Conception, Pregnancy, and Beyond: Staying Healthy In A Toxic World
Sophia Gushée - Why You Should Reduce Your EMF Exposures, and High-Impact Tips to Reduce Them.

Day 10: (November 14th, 2017)
Aimee Raupp - Reawaken Your Health: Avoiding the Onset of Autoimmune Diseases & Healing Your Body During Pregnancy & the Postpartum Period
Maria Tobelen - Optimize Thyroid Function and Boost Fertility in 90 Days

Day 11: (November 15th, 2017)
Dr. Katherine Zagone - How to Move like a Fertile Myrtle: an ancient technique for empowerment, fertility, and birth!
Krystina Sloan - We Birth The Way We Live

Day 12: (November 16th, 2017)
Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty - Congruent Conception: How to Skyrocket Your Chances of Bringing Your Healthy, Happy Baby Into the World & Connect With Your True Self In the Process
Caroline Zwickson - How to Not Lose the Woman Behind the Mom!

Day 13: (November 17th, 2017)
Mark Waldman - Between Heaven and Hell: How Your Beliefs are Shaping Your Reality and Changing Your Brain
Nita Ewald - What About The Other Half: The Significance of Male’s Role in Creating Thriving Future Generation

Day 14: (November 18th, 2017)
Nita Ewald - 2nd LIVE Q&A Session

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