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The 2017 Diabetes World Summit, 20th - 27th March 2017

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Join 30+ of the world's leading experts as they give practical and innovative solutions
to boost metabolic health, improve weight, and balance blood sugar.

Mark Hyman, MD
A functional medicine approach to diabetes
+ Is type 2 diabetes really reversible?
+ Understanding and addressing the root cause
+ Natural strategies to lose weight and normalize blood sugar

Sajer Ji
What the evidence reveals about reversing diabetes
+ What the peer reviewed, medical literature shows
+ The best natural strategies to reverse diabetes
+ The role of supplements and helpful nutrients

Kellyann Petrucci, MS, ND
The bone broth diet for optimal blood sugar control
+ Understanding the healing powers of bone broth
+ Nutrition concepts to improve and stabilize blood sugar
+ How to use nature's nourishing foods to support healing

Joel Kahn, MD
A plant-based approach to blood sugar health
+ Sorting throught the confusion about dietary strategies
+ Understanding the importance of plant-based foods
+ Key nutrients and supplement for blood sugar health

Robyn Openshaw
The power of a real food diet and detox for blood sugar health
+ How Robyn became the Green Smoothie Girl
+ How to do a proper detox to support the body
+ Incorporating more plants into the diet for better health

Dr. Peter Osborne
The autoimmune connection to blood sugar and diabetes
+ The connection between autoimmune and blood sugar
+ How to test and treat autoimmune disease effectively
+ Natural solutions to reduce inflammation and heal the body

Anna Cabeca, DO
Creating hormone balance to optimize metabolic health
+ The keys to balancing hormones to burn fat and control sugar
+ Understanding the connection between menopause and metabolism
+ How to optimize hormone levels

Micheal T. Murray, ND
The four types of blood sugar problems in diabetes
+ Understanding a natural medicine approach to diabetes
+ Dr. Murray's four types of blood sugar problems
+ Natural strategies to address the specific blood sugar issues

Micheal Breus, MD
How to get your sleep right to improve insulin and blood sugar
+ The powerful effect of sleep disturbance on metabolism
+ How to evaluate and correct disturbed sleep
+ Secrets to improving even difficult sleep problems

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
Exploring lada: Latent autoimmune diabetes of adulthood
+ Defining and understanding latent autoimmune diabetes
+ Could your type 2 diabetes really be LADA?
+ Solutions for managing blood sugar with autoimmune diabetes

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee
Doctor in the house: Reversing diabetes on the biggest stage
+ Lessons from BBC One's "Doctor In The House" program
+ The key steps to addressing and correcting metabolic problems
+ Functional medicine solutions to diabetes and blood sugar

Razi Berry
Using naturopathic principles to prevent diabetes
+ Learning from Razi's health experience and journey
+ How toxins in our environment can disrupt metabolism
+ Natural solutions to improve blood sugar and overall health

Jody Stanislaw, ND
Dr. Jody's plan for optimal blood sugar control
+ Very helpful information for those with Type 1 and Type 2 DM
+ Dr. Jody outlines her detailed plan to optimize blood sugar
+ Understanding insulin and how to use it properly

Dr. Sachin Patel
An alternate way to view healthcare, diabetes, and blood sugar health
+ Re-evaluating the healthcare model and redefining our roles
+ How to be empowered to control your health as a patient
+ A new model for caring for the body and optimizing health

Mark Menolascino, MD
Diabetes care in the trenches of primary care
+ Dr. Mark shares his experience working with patients every day
+ The root cause of type 2 diabetes and how to address it
+ Seeing diabetes care and health care through a new lens

Brett Hoebel
Applying fitness with soul to diabetes and metabolic health
+ Brett's unique and fun perspective to fitness
+ How to use exercise to improve blood sugar and metabolism
+ The key strategies to making fitness work in your life

Gabriel Cousens, MD
Using a raw foods approach to reversing type 2 diabetes
+ Dr. Cousens shares his experiences from Tree of Life
+ How raw foods can support healthy blood sugar metabolism
+ Learning which fats help and which fats hurt blood sugar

Daphne Olivier, RD, CDE
Developing the right eating and lifestyle strategy for you
+ Understanding how diet and lifestyle impact blood sugar
+ How to customize an eating strategy that works for you
+ Non-dietary factors that you may be overlooking

Jonathan Bailor
What I learned from superman: valuable lessons about diabetes
+ Why the caloried approach to weight loss is a myth
+ The real secrets to optimizing metabolism and blood sugar
+ The SANE approach to metabolic weight loss

Jay Wortman, MD
How a practicing clinician was able to reverse his type 2 diabetes
+ Dr. Wortman shares his type 2 diabetes story and results
+ The keys to addressing metabolic dysfunction
+ What most people don't understand about diabetes

Niki Gratrix
The mind-body energy connection to metabolic health
+ How to tap into your internal abundance of energy
+ Understand ACE score and how childhood events impact health
+ Natural techniques and strategies to let go of limits

Dr. BJ Hardick
Sugar, detox, and the brain: Natural strategies for healing
+ Understanding damaging foods and how to remove them
+ How to properly structure a detoxification program
+ Type 3 diabetes and how dysglycemia effects the brain

John Hayes, MD
Assessment and solutions for peripheral neuropathy
+ Understanding the various types of neuropathy
+ Learning to properly assess the feet for neurological health
+ Natural solutions to address and eliminate neuropathy

Amy Berger, MS, CNS
Breaking down the ketogenic diet for optimal blood sugar control
+ Understanding the ketogenic diet and how to do it
+ Why a low carb, high fat deit makes the most sense
+ The link between blood sugar problems and Alzheimer's

Dr. Tom O'Bryan
Autoimmune disease and the connection to diabetes
+ Understanding what drives autoimmunie disease
+ Exporing various toxins that inundate our lives
+ How to balance the immune response to allow proper healing

Daniele Hargenrader
The step-by-step approach to solving difficult blood sugar problems
+ Daniele's story of growing up with Type 1 Diabetes
+ The Dominator Method that she uses with private clients
+ Key factors to preventing complications from diabetes

Dr. Robert Rakowski
Exploring the causes and solution for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
+ How the gut microbiome effects metabolism and blood sugar
+ What the latest research shows about natural strategies
+ Sleep and other lifestyle factors and their effect on diabetes

Dr. Will Cole
Using functional medicine to address inflammation and diabetes
+ Testing and evaluating the root causes of diabesity
+ The connection between gut, inflammation, and blood sugar
+ How to calm inflammation with diet, lifestyle, and supplements

RD Dikeman
How to master type I diabetes from a parent's perspective
+ Learning how to control blood sugar the hard way
+ Daily strategies for optimizing glucose levels and health
+ Using diabetes as blessing to improve the family's health

Joseph Kraft, MD
A deeper understanding of insulin from decades of research
+ What decades of research taught this medical pathologist
+ The five patterns of insulin response from a glucose load
+ Why elevated insulin may be even more harmful than glucose

Trudy Scott, CN
Understanding anxiety: The connection to diabetes
+ Learn about the link between diabetes, anxiety, and depression
+ Understanding the root imbalances underlying anxiety
+ Natural solutions and supplemental support for anxiety

This is critical information concerning the long term health of diabetics and should be freely available to the public. Please share and seed generously to keep this torrent alive for years to come. Check out my other Health Summit torrents also!

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