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The 2017 Better Belly Project, 8th - 14th December 2017

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The Better Belly Project: Crushing the Critters, Plugging the Leaks, & Balancing the Biome for your Best Body Ever!

Having a Better Belly is the key to more energy, vitality, and overall health! (Plus, it’s pretty amazing how it makes you love your life more because you’re mentally clear and emotionally balanced, too.) What do we mean by a “Better Belly”? That your digestion is operating like a well-oiled machine, your biome is beautiful and your flora are flourishing. Given the amount of toxins in our environment, and in our food (no matter how hard we try to eat clean) it is more important than ever to ensure that your bodies natural cleansing and detoxifying mechanisms are operating at their full potential.

You’ll be learning:
+ The top foods you should be eating to end digestive discomfort, boost energy levels, and lower sugar cravings.
+ One thing that you definitely should stop doing to help seal and heal your gut.
+ Interesting ways you can support your body by focusing on your digestion.
+ Discover cutting-edge experts and the projects they’ve been studying for decades.
+ Simple nutritional strategies that help people lose weight in the belly area without even trying to.
+ The real deal about probiotics, fermented foods and cleansing.

- The Truth About Sugar - JJ Virgin (Fri, Dec 8th)
- The Three Pillars of Autoimmune Disorders - Dr Tom O'Bryan (Fri, Dec 8th)
- How Your Microbiome Affects Breast Health - Dr. Veronique Desaulniers (Fri, Dec 8th)
- 21 Days to a Slimmer and Younger You - Dr. Kellyann Petrucci (Sat, Dec 9th)
- How to Solve Common Gut-Based Issues - Summer Bock (Sat, Dec 9th)
- Holistic Guide to Vanishing Belly Fat and Bloat - Dr. Anthony Youn (Sat, Dec 9th)
- Hormones and Your Gut Health - Dr. Nalini Chilkov (Sat, Dec 9th)
- The Autoimmune Libido-Gut Connection - Dr. Keesha Ewers (Sun, Dec 10th)
- What To Do If Your Gut Isn't Getting Better - Jennifer Fugo (Sun, Dec 10th)
- Leaky Gut and Your Child - Dr. Elisa Song (Sun, Dec 10th)
- Bone Broth versus Bone Broth Powders - Lance Roll (Mon, Dec 11th)
- How Cooking Will Change Your Health - Leanne Ely (Mon, Dec 11th)
- Regenerate your Belly with Oriental Medicine - Dr. Robyn Benson (Mon, Dec 11th)
- The Gut Hormone Connection - Dr. Jolene Brighten (Mon, Dec 11th)
- How to Build 'Harder to Kill' Humans - Steph Gaudreau (Tue, Dec 12th)
- Create 'Buddha Belly' Utilize Mindfulness - Dr. Steven Eisenberg (Tue, Dec 12th)
- The Healing Power of Plants - Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein (Tue, Dec 12th)
- The Truth About What's Making You Fat - Dr. Vincent Pedre (Wed, Dec 13th)
- 12 Underground Fat Loss Techniques That Work - Ben Greenfield (Wed, Dec 13th)
- IBS and Tips for IBS - Dr. Partha Nandi (Thu, Dec 14th)
- Improve Cellular Health with Myofascial Release - Phaedra Antioco (Thu, Dec 14th)
- Cellular Detox to Balance the Biome - Dr. Dan Pompa (Thu, Dec 14th)
- SIBO Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth - Dr. Allison Siebecker (Thu, Dec 14th)

- Better Bellies for Better Behavior - Dr. Nicole Beurkens (Fri, Dec 8th)
- From Shamanic Journeys to Somatic Experiencing - Steve Wright (Sat, Dec 9th)
- Low Zinc, Social Anxiety, and the Gut - Trudy Scott (Sun, Dec 10th)
- Stop Sucking It In and Let It All Hang Out - Alexandra Jamieson (Mon, Dec 11th)
- How to End Emotional Eating Now - Tricia Nelson (Tue, Dec 12th)
- Why You Need High Vibration Foods - Robyn Openshaw (Wed, Dec 13th)
- Strategies for a Pain-Free Healthy Happy Life - Dr. Joe Tatta (Thu, Dec 14th)

- Contributing Genetic Factors to Digestive Health - Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo (Fri, Dec 8th)
- Dealing with Inflammation Outside of the Gut - Dr. Tim Jackson (Sat, Dec 9th)
- A Health Coach is Integral to a Better Belly - Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum (Sun, Dec 10th)
- Treatment Options for Chronic Yeast Issues - Dr. Jessica Drummond (Mon, Dec 11th)
- The Cheapest Way to Get a Better Belly - James Maskell (Tue, Dec 12th)
- Essential Fermentation Facts for Practitioners - Summer Bock (Wed, Dec 13th)
- Staying Healthy In A Toxic World - Lara Adler (Wed, Dec 13th)
- How Gut Health Fits Into a Larger Paradigm - Andrea Nakayama (Thu, Dec 14th)

- The Story of OlyKraut Sauerkraut Company - Sash Sunday (Fri, Dec 8th)
- 10 Right and Wrong Ways to Eat Ferments - Summer Bock (Sun, Dec 10th)
- Making The Best Fermented Foods At Home - Danielle Ramirez (Mon, Dec 11th)
- Be a Probiotic Ninja For Your Kid - Elissa Arnheim (Tue, Dec 12th)

- How Mold Could be Messing up your Gut - Dr. Jill Carnahan (Fri, Dec 8th)
- The Mouth-Body Connection - Dr. Gerald Curatola (Fri, Dec 8th)
- Leaky Gut Associated with Eating Food - Kiran Krishnan (Sat, Dec 9th)
- What If Illness Was Optional - Naveen Jain (Sat, Dec 9th)
- Approved Solutions for Bloating and Cramping - Dr. Ken Brown (Sun, Dec 10th)
- Better Belly Wildatarians - Teri Cochrane (Sun, Dec 10th)
- Clean Skin From Within - Dr. Trevor Cates (Mon, Dec 11th)
- Metals That Impact Gut Function - Wendy Myers (Tue, Dec 12th)
- Leaky Gut and Histamine Intolerance - Yasmina Ykelenstam (Wed, Dec 13th)
- A Gut Reaction To Your Genes - Erika Gray (Thu, Dec 14th)
- The Dental Microbiome Where Health Starts - Dr. Ken Glass (Thu, Dec 14th)

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