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The 2017 Adrenal Reset Summit, 6th - 12th November 2017

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Have you been told that your fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, bloating and brain fog are “all in your head”? False! Your adrenal glands may be in a state of dysfunction that needs to be addressed. Learn the truth about your hormones that many doctors simply don’t understand!

The adrenal reset summit was created to help you:
+ Determine what testing you need
+ Separate the “claims” from the truth
+ Customize supplements to your body’s needs
+ Discover lifestyle strategies to conquer stress and find peace

Get the "insider secrets" to correcting adrenal dysfunction from leading health practitioners who understand the importance of addressing whole body health and the power of micronutrients! Attend this event to gain information about healing your adrenals, conquering your stressors, and living with energy again!


DAY 1 - Diseases (6th November 2017)
Session 1: Dr. Izabella Wentz - Thyroid and adrenal connections
Which came first, thyroid disease or adrenal stress?
Session 2: Steven Masley, MD - Reversing stress’ effects on your brain
How can healing your adrenals reverse memory loss and brain aging?
Session 3: Joel Kahn, MD - Heart and adrenal connections
Is adrenal stress the most preventable cause of early heart disease?
Session 4: Dr. Michael Breus - Sleep and circadian rhythms
Your ‘sleeper’ is not broken – here is how you can reset it…

DAY 2 - Foods (7th November 2017)
Session 1: James Colquhoun - Food as the ultimate adrenal cure
How to reduce adrenal fatigue through healing foods.
Session 2: Dr. Joel Fuhrman - Processed food as stressor
Simple diet rules that can slash your stress load.
Session 3: Magdalena Wszelaki - Recipes to heal your adrenals
Live demonstration of how to make delicious lattes from adaptogenic herbs
Session 4: Robyn Openshaw - Plant foods as adrenal remedies.
Healing your adrenals with high vibration alkaline foods.

DAY 3 - Good Carbs / Bad Carbs (8th November 2017)
Session 1: JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS - Sugar Impact and adrenal health
How is hidden sugar sabotaging your adrenals?
Session 2: Dr. Tom O’Bryan - Gluten and other foods as hidden adrenal stressors
How can you identify the hidden food reactions that are stressing your adrenals?
Session 3: Aviva Romm, MD - Adaptogens, good carbs, and FOMO
Can perfectionism be your biggest stressor?
Session 4: Dr. Brian Mowll - Blood sugar regulation and cortisol
Can poor adrenal function lead to diabetes? Do medications for diabetes even work?

DAY 4 - Cellular Stressors (9th November 2017)
Session 1: Dr. Susanne Bennett - Allergies and mitochondrial health
How can you power up your mitochondria when you’re suffering from fatigue?
Session 2: Ari Whitten - The critical role of mitochondria in chronic fatigue,
and how to overcome fatigue by building bigger, stronger mitochondria that produce more energy.
Session 3: Dr. Ben Lynch - Methylation and other genetic variations
Do you have MTHFR? How can you heal your adrenals if you do?
Session 4: Nicolas Pineault - EMF detection and remediation
What is the science of EMFs as stress triggers? And how you can protect your family?
Session 5: Dr. Evan Brand - EMF’s as hidden stressors
How can you identify and avoid invisible stress signals from your electronics?

DAY 5 - Infections / Supplements (10th November 2017)
Session 1: Evan Hirsch, MD - Chronic Fatigue and adrenal stress
Here’s how chronic fatigue can be cured…
Session 2: Dr. Guillermo Ruiz, ND - Hidden infections as adrenal stressor
Why does your body slow your adrenals on purpose when you’re ill? And how you can recover?
Session 3: Dr. Eric Z - Essential oils and adrenal health
How do essential oils go straight to your hypothalamus and help you reset your adrenal cycles?
Session 4: Dr. Michael Murray - Herbs and supplements for adrenal recovery
What are the clinically proven supplement strategies for reversing adrenal stress?

DAY 6 - Traditional Medicine (11th November 2017)
Session 1: Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein - Traditional healer’s solutions to stress
What wisdom from South American healers can help you cope with modern life?
Session 2: Dr. Robyn Benson - Chinese medicine – kidney and adrenal solutions
What are Chinese dietary remedies for adrenal ‘Jing’? Is pork an adrenal tonic?
Session 3: Suhas Kshirsagar - Ayurvedic perspective on adrenal stress
How can you identify the best foods and habits for your body type?

DAY 7 - Mind / Body (12th November 2017)
Session 1: Katie Wells - How to have healthy habits for the family without creating stress
How do you dial in your family’s routines to banish the stress from daily chaos?
Session 2: Dr. Doni Wilson, ND - Stress fingerprint and leaky gut
Do you know your unique stress fingerprint? Why you should…
Session 3: Dr. Joan Rosenberg - Coming to terms with stressful feelings
How to reverse the top 8 difficult feelings in 90 seconds or less…

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