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The 2016 Medicinal Supplements Summit, 12th - 18th Sept 2016

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Learn the latest in supplement customization to boost energy, lose weight, beat stress, improve brain function and heal your body!

The Medicinal Supplements Summit is dedicated to helping you:

+ Determine what supplements you need
+ Separate the "claims" from the truth
+ Customize supplements to your body's needs
+ Make proper decisions at the store or online

Your hosts understand the importance of taking the right supplements - they healed their own health crises through targeted supplements, whole body health and the power of micronutrients!

Day 1: Monday, September 12
Wendy Myers - Important Supplements Missing from Your Health Regime
Reed Davis - Can You Get All of Your Nutrition from Food
Jayson Calton and Mira Calton - Are You Absorbing Your Supplements
Ian Clark - The Most Amazing All-In-One Supplement
Katie The Wellness Mama - Best Supplements for Pregnancy, Nursing and Babies

Day 2: Tuesday, September 13
Charles Livingston - Deep Dive on Fish Oil Supplements
Jay Davidson - Dangers and Mistakes Made with Probiotics
Andrew Saul - Vitamin C Cures and Antioxidants
Shawn Stevenson - Food-Based vs Synthetic Supplements
Carolyn Dean - Maximizing Magnesium and Minerals

Day 3: Wednesday, September 14
Harry Massey - Future of Supplements: Customization and Digitizing Biochemistry
Sterling Hill - Genetic Defects and MTHFR
Dietitian Cassie - The Importance of Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements
Dan Kalish - Best Functional Medicine Tests to Customize Supplements
David Nico - Proven Solution for Supplement Confusion

Day 4: Thursday, September 15
Ben Greenfield - Top Performance-Enhancing Supplements
Michael Morelli - Protein Powder Pitfalls
Jonathan Bailor - Best and Worst Weight Loss Supplements
Niki Gratrix - Supplements for Supercharged Energy
Jimmy Moore - Supplements for a Ketogenic Diet
Deanna Minich - Best Detox Supplements

Day 5: Friday, September 16
Sayer Ji - Best Supplements for Heart Health and High Cholesterol
Amy Myers - Supplements for Optimal Thyroid Function
Evan Brand - Top Supplements to Heal Adrenal Fatigue
Tom O’Bryan - Best Supplements for Gut Health and Autoimmunity
Ann Louise Gittleman - A Killer Key to Detox You Haven’t Heard of Yet
Noah De Koyer - Best Supplements for Pain

Day 6: Saturday, September 17
Daniel Amen - Best Supplements for Optimal Brain Function
David Jockers - Ideal Supplements for Digestive Issues
David Brady - Supplements for Fibromyalgia and Pain
Jess Armine - Finally Get a Perfect Night's Sleep
Trudy Scott - Using Amino Acids for Anxiety and Depression

Day 7: Sunday, September 18
Mike Adams - Metals and Toxins in Supplements
Ritamarie Loscalzo - Supplement Ingredients to Avoid
Robert Craven - How to Choose the Right Supplement Company
Eric Zielinski - Using Essential Oils as Supplements
Peter Osborne - Hidden Gluten in Supplements

This is CRITICAL health information for the modern age - please share widely and help me to keep this seeded for years to come. Check out my other 2016 Health Summit torrents also!

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