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The 2016 Essential Oils Revolution Summit, 22nd - 28th August 2016

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People all over the world are scrambling to find natural solutions to their health problems, such as diabetes, pain, chronic fatigue, anxiety, estrogenic cancers and more. Our experts in aromatherapy, medicine and research deliver in-depth discussion and actionable advice to debunk common myths and help you learn about the possibilities of regaining your health using essential oils.

What you will gain from this event:

+ Why essential oils are truly nature’s best medicine!
+ How to use essential oils safely and effectively
+ Tips for regaining control of your health
+ Home recipes, guides, safety protocols and best practices

Day 1: Monday, August 22
Eric Zielinski - What Every Aromatherapist, Blogger and Mom Needs to Know!
Robert Pappas - Debunking the Most Common (and Dangerous) Myths
Kristen Draughon - The True Power Behind Essential Oil Testimonials
James Colquhoun - Essential Oils and Food Matters
Ann Louise Gittleman - The Truth About Essential Oils and the Bible

Day 2: Tuesday, August 23
Magdalena Wszelaki - How to Rebalance Your Hormones with Essential Oils
Trudy Scott - Addressing Anxiety with Amino Acids and Oils
Melody Watts - Essential Oils for Mood Management and Stress
Mariza Snyder - Secret to Hormone Synergy with Essential Oils
Véronique Desaulniers - Using Essential Oils to Maximize Women's Health

Day 3: Wednesday, August 24
Michael Breus - Essential Oils Strategies for a Better Night’s Sleep
Peter Osborne - Managing the Terrible Triad of Grains, Leaky Gut and Pain
Brian Mowll - The Truth About Diabetes
Jay Davidson - Beating Lyme Disease with Essential Oils
Scott Johnson - Managing Learning Disabilities and ADHD with Oils

Day 4: Thursday, August 25
Jill Winger - Essential Oils Cleaning Hacks for the Homestead
Joette Calabrese - Raising Healthy Families with Essential Oils and Homeopathy
Wardeh Harmon - Practical Tips for Cooking with Essential Oils
Lauren Bridges - A Mother's Journey with Cerebral Palsy
Jennifer Iserloh - Essential Oils in Food to Heal the Body and Mind
Janet Roark - Common Essential Oil Usage with Animals

Day 5: Friday, August 26
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger - Leaving a Legacy to Serve
Karey Shane - Touching the Heart and Soul of Sex Trafficking Victims
Niki Gratrix - Essential Oils to Reverse Emotional Trauma in Childhood
Mary Clendenin - Using Essential Oils to Manage Grief
Kimberly McGeorge - Essential Oils and the Frequency of Emotion

Day 6: Saturday, August 27
Robyn Openshaw - The Truth About Skin Cancer
Trevor Cates - Enjoy Glowing Skin with Essential Oils
Gabrielle Yoder - Using Essential Oils for Yeast and Fungal Infections
Wendy Myers - Essential Oils That Aid Detox
Wanda Lee MacPhee - Anti-Aging Inside and Out with Essential Oils

Day 7: Sunday, August 28
John Immel - Ayurveda, Essential Oils and Digestive Issues
Jan E. Patterson - Practical Tips from an Infectious Disease Physician
James Maskell - Evolution of Medicine and Essential Oils
Nyssa Hanger - How Aromatherapists Are Best Fit to Serve
Katharine Koeppen - Consequences of Our Love Affair with Aromatherapy

This is CRITICAL health information for the modern age - please share widely and help me to keep this seeded for years to come. Check out my other 2016 Health Summit torrents also!

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I can not open any pdf files or watch any videos. Do anyone else have this problem?

magg123 wrote:

I can not open any pdf files or watch any videos. Do anyone else have this problem?

Try rechecking the torrent contents in your client?

I've had no problems opening the pdf, nfo, or the mp4s. I once had about 5 torrents that were D/L when my power cut out. Upon restarting Bittorrent, it said they were all completed, and although in my finished folder, they were not finished. I had to delete and restart the torrents again and they finished fine. Maybe try the same and it works for you?