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2010 Global Atheist Convention - The rise of atheism

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2010 Global Atheist Convention - The rise of atheism

The long awaited March “2010 Global Atheist Convention”

Filmed 12-14 March 2010, the Global Atheist Convention gathered over 2500 people to discuss global atheism and enjoy the thoughts of some of the world’s most distinguished rational minds.

The Global Atheism Convention made a bold statement to political leaders concerning the negative effects of religion in our society.

Speakers include:

Richard Dawkins – Infamous evolutionary biologist and world renowned and influential public speaker, Dawkins is often seen as the face of the contemporary atheism movement.

Peter Singer – Australian philosopher, author and current Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University.

Taslima Nasrin – Exiled Bangladeshi doctor, author and radical feminist

PZ Myers – US Biology Professor, zoologist and long-time critic of creationism.

David Nicholls

Sue-Ann Post

Catherine Deveny

Phillip Adams

Max Wallace

John Perkins

A.C. Grayling

Simon Taylor

Julian Morrow & Craig Reucassel

Peter Singer

Ian Robinson

Kylie Sturgess

Robyn Williams

Dan Barker


Mami wrote:

"Here's one for all the godless heathens"

"They can watch on their way to hell" :lol:

They go "Down Under" to talk about the non-existence of "Down under"? :lol:

I myself,think most of the speakers are arrogant, condescending assholes!

NOTE: It was like 5.7 gigs and I converted it to flv to make it a more manageable 1 gig for uploading.

Before someone starts bitchin about the flv,s, consider the fact that I'd never upload this as is, (5.7g) so it,s flv or nothing at all!

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