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13 Masonic Secrets (Reconstructed)

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This is a "reconstructed" version of the 13 Masonic Secrets that I posted earlier. Files (episodes 1, 10, 11) went missing, and due to the complaints of having to download the DVD instead of the individual DVD's I ripped the homebrew DVD I did and added them back so these are the FULL 13 Masonic Secrets again. I have found all of them (mostly from Youtube) and the ones that have their soundtracks banned from Youtube or were corrupted I have sourced elsewhere.

I have converted them to AVI and have labelled them to reflect what each episode is about (except episodes 1, 10, 11 which are ripped with Xillisoft so the AVI's will be a different format).

I am still seeding the homebrew DVD (

Hope you find these interesting.