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there is only 10 listed,i forgot what the other book was,lmmfao.enjoy

1. The Intergalactic New Collegiate Dictionary

Although you were warned to acquaint yourselves with the original manual before departing, a great number of you did not. ”If you’ve seen one manual, you’ve seen them all” has proved to be a cavalier attitude that many of you have lived to regret, even though most of you are too stunned and dazed by the process to remember just exactly what it is you are regretting. Being four hundred light years from home and suddenly wondering ”Did I forget my tooth¬brush?” is both annoying to Mission Control as well as useless to the mission.
So, for those of you who left your galaxy without it, an un¬precedented reprinting of the manual has been authorized by the mission’s governing councils. This is the remedial version of the original manual because you couldn’t possibly handle the unexpur¬gated version at this time. This edition is the official American and Canadian translation, written in the vernacular and made current to your circumstances. It is the strong recommendation of the Councils, now that you have yourselves totally disassembled, why not take a moment to read the instructions? It is, after all, at your request that we had them written.
— The Intergalactic Council

On behalf of
The Confederated Interuniversal Councils. The United Stellar Alliances,
and The Greater Interdimensional Federation of Light

Mission Control is the tactical arm of the extraterrestrial mis¬sion to Planet Earth. We implement the decisions of the stellar coun¬cils and act as an intermediary between the members of the mission who have opted for infantry duty on the planet’s surface and those who are serving the mission in any of its many off-planet divisions. It is our responsibility to maintain all communication systems among the vast forces that have now gathered in this planetary arena. Our purpose is to assist the planet and its inhabitants into a new con¬sciousness and reality.
Our prime directive is to coordinate the movements that Spirit orchestrates. We are here to assure that the decree of the High Spirit¬ual Court is implemented and that the veils of the third dimension are parted so that light can enter. We have overseen the writing of this version of The Cosmic Instruction Manual at the request of the Intergalactic Council. We have done so because it is our mandate to assist all mission members in the successful completion of their many and varied assignments. Our instructions, are to be guiding force for this mission: our status is servant to Spirit.
This is Mission Control speaking. We now end this transmission.


This manual is not a rule book, nor does it tell you how many angels are on the head of a pin and which dimension that pin is in. It also offers no street maps of the dimensions to satisfy your linear thinking minds. This manual is a tool to awaken you to what you already know. It is an aid in accessing the real inside information, not an outside authority with the latest ”ism” in which you should believe.
Because we do not wish this manual to be misused, we have deliberately left out some information. If you find yourself wanting more answers than this manual offers, don’t just stand there like a jerk; go inside and ask for those answers. Whatever is appropriate for you to know will be given. Mission Control would like you to be aware that we not only stand behind our product, but we also stand beside you as you read it.
We would also like to make it clear that although you may con¬sider this manual a new age publication, we do not. That is because
.-~ what you are calling ”new age” is just the Final manifestation of the
•~ old age. Since the ”new age” is still about religious belief systems as asserted by outside authorities, we find it neither new nor much better than anything else you believe in. We prefer to think of our¬selves as sacred cowpokes on a sacred cowherd, and our manual as a sacred cowpunching device. We believe that would make this publication more ”post-new age” than anything.
How you end up classifying this manual is less important than how you end up using it. It is our suggestion that you use it as a tool to awaken yourself, not as a new doctrine to continue to snooze by:
This is Mission Control saying yeeeeeeeeehaw!

Because human languages are not designed to grasp many con¬cepts outside the current fixated, fear-ridden, and toxic consciousness, and al because we do not use spoken language, this manual pre¬sents with some interesting problems. Dealing in the currency of your linguistic systems is doubly difficult because the inversion of your energy has twisted all logical meaning. For instance, the people of this planet stand in total arrogance, adamantly denying their om¬nipresence. They declare their separation from themselves, each other, and al life while passing this off as an act of humility. Humility is not denial; separation is denial. And maintaining that separation is the ultimate act of pride.
Your institutions operate in the same backward manner; thus, you ha e a national security system that is actively engaged in kill¬ing eve body, a federal drug administration that has all but recom¬mend motor oil for dietary use because it is low in polyunsaturated, and an economic system that has convinced everyone that life is bad for the economy. As you see, it may be difficult to use your language and still hope to express the truth. Certain terms need new definitions before you begin this reading. They follow.

Note: Some mission members have retained their extraterrestrial Sense of meaning and may find this section a drag. Others have forgotten everything and require some reconstructive surgery. For that reason, we have highlighted the key definition - or as close as we can approximate a key definition in this language— with italics so that readers may either skim or read this section, as they wish.

2. TANKS: Panzer-Divisions at War 1939-1945 Images of War: Panzer-Divisions at War 1939-1945 -
Ian Baxter

This book is a visual treat for the military enthusiast and collector.
From the beginning in 1935 this attractive book describes the different elements that went into the Panzer-Divisions. It describes how the Germans carefully built up their assault forces utilizing all available reserves and resources into making an effective fighting machine. It depicts how these awesome formations grew to be used four years later in war, and provides much historical information and facts about the vehicles and its components that fought in all the campaigns of the war from the early victorious Blitzkrieg in Poland and France to the last ditch defense in Germany in 1945. Each chapter features unseen photographs of light tanks, main battle tanks, assault guns, anti-tank destroyers, artillery, reconnaissance units, support vehicles, pioneers with their bridge building platforms and the motorized infantry or Panzergrenadiers.

3. Artillery - An Illustrated History of its Impact

Charts the development of large, crew-operated battlefield weapons from the dart firers and catapults of the ancient world to the invention of gunpowder in China and its applications in medieval Europe, and from the emergence of naval and land gunnery four centuries ago to the latest rapid-fire, rocket propulsion, laser guidance, and antiaircraft technologies.

Written by an expert on military history, Artillery explores the technological and strategic innovations that have made these weapons increasingly effective at breaking through fortifications, inflicting casualties from a safe distance, providing cover for advancing forces, demoralizing opponents, and defending positions from attack. Beyond the battlefield, the book also looks at the impact of artillery on history and on the lives of civilians as well as soldiers.

4. Deep Thinking - by Harun Yahya 2000

ave you ever thought about the fact that you did not exist before you were conceived and then born into the world and that you have come into existence from mere nothingness. Have you ever thought about how the flowers you see in your living room everyday come out of pitch black, buddy soil with fragrant smells and are as colourful as they are? Have you ever thought about how mosquitoes, which irritatingly fly around you, move their wings so fast that we are unable to see them? Have you ever thought abuot how the peels of fruits such as bananas, watermelons, melons, and oranges serve as wrappings of high quality, and how the fruits are packed in these wrappings so that they maintain their taste and fragrance? Have you ever thought about the possibility that while you are asleep a sudden earthquake could raze your home, your office, and your city to the ground and that in a few seconds you could lose everything of the world you possess? Have you ever thought of how your life passes away very quickly, and that you will grow old and become weak, and slowly lose your beauty, health, and strength? Have you ever thought about how one day you will find the angels of death appointed by Allah before you and that you will then leave this world? Well, have you ever thought about why people are so attached to a world from which they will soon depart when what they basically need is to strive for the hereafter?

5. The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency - John Seymour 2003

Everyone dreams at some point in their lives of living the good life, albeit not in terms of the BBC comedy series. In this revised and fully updated edition of John Seymour's classic guide to self-sufficiency, the dream becomes more attainable. Now running a School of Self-Sufficiency in Ireland, John Seymour is as committed as ever to living a better life, more simply, by living off the land rather than out of shops. His magnum opus covers every conceivable topic from animal husbandry and butchering, seed sowing and cropping, dairy production and food storage, rubbish and recycling. All delivered in Seymour's inimitable, occasionally brusque style, it is a mine of information artfully illustrated with the original illustrations redrawn in full colour. New material includes GM crops, urban gardens and alternative forms of energy with craft skills rounding the picture of natural wholesomeness off nicely. A classic of its time and a new classic in the making, this revised edition will encourage and assist all those aspiring to a live a healthier, more environmentally friendly life.

6. Who Killed the Constitution by Thomas E. Woods, Jr. and Kevin R. C. Gutzman
The United States Constitution—the bedrock of our country, the foundation of our federal republic—is . . . dead. You won’t hear that from the politicians who endlessly pay lip service to the Constitution. It’s the dirty little secret that bestselling authors Thomas E. Woods Jr. and Kevin R. C. Gutzman expose in this provocative new book. The fact is that government officials—Democrats and Republicans, presidents, judges, and congresses alike—long ago rejected the idea that the Constitution possesses a fixed meaning limiting the U.S. government’s power. In case you’ve forgotten, this idea was not a minor aspect of the Constitution; it was the document’s very purpose. Woods and Gutzman round up the suspects responsible for the death of the government the Founding Fathers designed. Going right to the scenes of the crimes, they dissect twelve of the most egregious assaults on the Constitution—some virtually unknown. In chronicling this “dirty dozen,” the authors show that the attacks began long before presidents declared preemptive wars, congresses built pork-barrel bridges to nowhere, and Supreme Court justices began to behave as our supreme legislators. In Who Killed the Constitution? Woods and Gutzman • REVEAL the federal government’s “great gold robbery”—the flagrant assault on the Constitution you never heard about in history class • DESTROY the phony case for presidential war power • EXPOSE how the federal government has actively discriminated to end . . . discrimination • TEAR DOWN the “wall of separation” between church and state—an invention that completely contradicts what the Constitution says • DARE to touch the “third rail of American jurisprudence,” Brown v. Board of Education—showing why a government decision that seems “right” isn’t necessarily constitutional Never shying away from controversy, Woods and Gutzman reveal an unsettling but unavoidable truth: now that the federal government has broken free of the Constitution’s chains, government officials are restrained by little more than their sense of what they can get away with. Who Killed the Constitution? is a rallying cry for Americans outraged by government run amok and a warning to take heed before we lose the liberties we are truly entitled to.

7. 2009 - UNPD Eugenic Policy Brief to sterilize poor people

New UNPD Neo-Malhusian eugenic plan for sterilization of poor people in third world countires

8. Chronological list of New World Order publications

Complete list of all important NWO documents in chronological order and ready to read. P.S. This list shows only pro-NWO documents and books which have helped to form the NWO ideology!

9. Extinction (this contains multiple files) - Michael Boutler 2002

The striking thesis of Boulter's book is that we, human beings, are on the verge of making human life on this planet extinct. Not just because of global warming and the destruction of the rainforests, but because human beings have been tampering with the environment ever since they came into existence. Boulter, a palaeontologist, and his colleagues have analysed vast amounts of biological, ecological and geological data covering changes in the earth's environment over millions of years, and found a universal pattern to the emergence, diversification and extinction of species. That natural pattern is being destroyed by human beings who through hunting some animals out of existence and making irreversible changes to the environment are rapidly bringing about their own extinction. In Boulter's words, 'modern man is kicking the sand pile and causing a severe avalanche that only started to crash down at the end of the last ice age.' Boulter has clearly done some original and significant work on how several factors, including climate change and natural selection, combine to create patterns of species growth and extinction.

10. 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America - Bernard Goldberg 2005

100 People Who Are Screwing Up America

No preaching. No pontificating. Just some uncommon sense about the things that have made this country great -- and the culprits who are screwing it up.

Bernard Goldberg takes dead aim at the America Bashers (the cultural elites who look down their snobby noses at "ordinary" Americans) ... the Hollywood Blowhards (incredibly ditzy celebrities who think they're smart just because they're famous) ... the TV Schlockmeisters (including the one whose show has been compared to a churning mass of maggots devouring rotten meat) ... the Intellectual Thugs (bigwigs at some of our best colleges, whose views run the gamut from left wing to far left wing) ... and many more.

Goldberg names names, counting down the villains in his rogues' gallery from 100 all the way to 1 -- and, yes, you-know-who is number 37. Some supposedly "serious" journalists also made the list, including the journalist-diva who sold out her integrity and hosted one of the dumbest hours in the history of network television news. And there are those famous miscreants who have made America a nastier place than it ought to be -- a far more selfish, vulgar, and cynical place.

But Goldberg doesn't just round up the usual suspects we have come to know and detest. He also exposes some of the people who operate away from the limelight but still manage to pull a lot of strings and do all sorts of harm to our culture. Most of all, 100 People Who Are Screwing Up America is about a country where as long as anything goes, as one of the good guys in the book puts it, sooner or later everything will go.

This is serious stuff for sure. But Goldberg will also make you laugh as he harpoons scoundrels like the congresswoman who thinks there aren't enough hurricanes named after black people, and the environmentalist to the stars who yells at total strangers driving SUVs -- even though she tools around the country in a gas-guzzling private jet.

With Bias, Bernard Goldberg took us behind the scenes and exposed the way Big Journalism distorts the news. Now he has written a book that goes even further. This time he casts his eye on American culture at large -- and the result is a book that is sure to become the voice of all those Americans who feel that no one is speaking for them on perhaps the most vital issue of all: the kind of country in which we want to live.