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101 Miracles of Natural Healing - Energy Healing *Chi*

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101 Miracles of Natural Healing - Energy Healing *Chi*

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This is a very powerful healing and training method. Many have miraculously recovered from cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, severe depression, paralysis, systemic lupus, and many other chronic illnesses. Learn the self-healing method prescribed by the world's largest medicineless hospital for curing the incurables. Discover the exercise practiced daily by eight million people for health, longevity, creativity and mental clarity.

This videotape offers one-hour and forty minutes of step-by-step instructions for the ChiLel™ methods:
1) Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down Method;
2) Three Centers Merge Standing Method;
3) La Chi;
4) Wall Squatting.

Also features actual footage from China of:
1) A bladder cancer being removed in real-time using chi;
2) Testimonials of recovered patients;
3) Group practice of ChiLel;
4) Fa chi - emitting chi for healing from teachers to students; from family members to their loved ones; and from Founder, Dr. Pang, to students. Recommended for ChiLel™ practitioners.

Thank You goes to original uploaders @log-in & @Master L

After watching this, I understand a little better the techniques presented here. Parts of this, especially the healing segments, make me think "yeah, right". But I'm still open to the idea that its possible. Enjoy, but D/L at your own risk.