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101 Foods That Could Save Your Life (PDF,Epub,Mobi)

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just got this from demonoid. seems quite good. thanks to the original uploader.

As i have always stated, one method to F*&% up Big Pharma, is to not get ill.

101 Foods That Could Save Your Life

Bantam Dell
Grotto, David W.
ISBN: 0345526872
275 pages
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When it comes to food, nature provides a wealth of delicious choices. But each one also supplies unique health benefits. Leading nutritionist David Grotto reveals a wealth of power foods, from apples to yogurt, and explains why

• A handful of cherries before bed can help you sleep better
• Hot peppers may fight skin cancer
• Potatoes may reduce the risk of stroke
• Grape juice may be as heart-healthy as red wine
• Honey can help wounds heal faster

Each entry features a history of a food’s origin, a list of therapeutic benefits, information on scientific research, tips for use and preparation, and an appetizing recipe from a leading chef or nutritionist. Prepare to awaken your taste buds, lose weight, and let the healing begin!