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101 Essential Lists for Teachers - Communistic Intentions

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This book unabashedly illustrates its views on avoiding to motivate primary school children through various slogans deemed to the author to be "daft" and showing "pietistic vacuity". However, what the author illustrates through this chapter really has little to do with religion.

This is the title of the section I am concerned with: "Daft slogans of pietistic vacuity that should not be on classroom walls", page 39.

This author attempts to rationalize away not encouraging students to "never give up", never to lie, to think that learning has some essence in cool, and that "agreeing to disagree" is never acceptable.

This book was released in 2006. At least the author bothers to mention that if one disagrees with any of these statements, then they are "reading the wrong book".

I haven't bothered to analyze the rest of the book yet, but I intentionally find it useful to understanding the nature of this kind of beast.

I'm going to get bored seeding this after a while, so please pick it up if you want this to be heard.

People don't tend to understand that anything can be true "to a significant degree".

BTW, I apologize for not proofing this text better before. I don't like typing into small text boxes.