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100 Percent English [Channel 4]

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100 Percent English - Channel 4
Channel 4, 13th Nov. 2006 @ 9pm
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Andrew Graham-Dixon presents this documentary that challenges our notions of national identity. Eight self-proclaimed English 'pure-breds' - including Garry Bushell and Carol Thatcher - provide samples of their DNA to undergo state-of-the-art tests. Uncovering the truth of their ancestry culminates in some surprising results as Turkish, Ukrainian, African and even Chinese origins are revealed

A lot of people were offended by this documentary (I wonder why) as I am a white british male and had no issued whatsoever with it. But, it must have created a lot of fuss, because it has a Wikipedia page, and it's still up 3 years later



100% English was a Channel 4 television programme shown in November 2006 in the United Kingdom. It looked at the genetic makeup of English people who considered themselves to be ethnically English and found that while all had an ethnic makeup similar to people of European descent, a minority discovered genetic markers from North Africa and the Middle East from several generations before they were born. The presenter was Andrew Graham-Dixon. The test results were interpreted by DNAPrint Genomics, based in Sarasota, Florida

The concept of the show was to:

Take eight people - all of whom are convinced they are 100% English. Then submit a sample of their DNA to a series of state-of-the-art tests... Lord Tebbit, Garry Bushell and Carol Thatcher are among the participants who have agreed to place their genetic make-up under the microscope.. [1]

Garry Bushell, who appeared on the show in good-faith, later criticised the slant of the programme and the portrayal of English people. On his website he stated: "Only Nazis, and it appears C4, think of national identity in terms of racial purity... Besides, you could apply the same tests to the French or Italians and get similar results, but no-one questions their right to nationhood."[1]


1. ^ a b The Herald (David Belcher) A rare breed – and pure annoying with it[dead link] 14 November 2006


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