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100 Greatest Photos of the Paranormal Underground

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The 100 Greatest Photographs of the Paranormal: From the Fortean Picture Library

They say seeing is believing. Here are 100 of the most startling and intriguing photographs you are ever likely to see. If you don’t already believe in the paranormal – they may convince you!

The photos cover the entire range of the unexplained, from possible ghosts and spirit manifestations, through psychic powers and weird creatures to UFO sightings. Contained within these pages are 100 of the best-attested photographs in the history of the paranormal.

Also includes hundreds of Sightings news reports and readers' own spooky experiences and photographs from the pages of Paranormal Magazine.

Published: October 22, 2010
148 pages

Paranormal Underground magazine - September 2010

We are an online magazine dedicated to the reporting of paranormal phenomena. Our writers and editors come from diverse backgrounds and offer a wide range of viewpoints about the paranormal.

At Paranormal Underground, our primary goal is to explore the unexplained from all angles. To do this, we present stories about the paranormal, talk to top paranormal researchers, present personal paranormal experiences, offer roundtable debates about paranormal issues, and track paranormal news. We provide coverage of all aspects of the paranormal, including ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, unexplained phenomena, conspiracies, haunted sites, and more.

Our writing staff includes experienced paranormal researchers, a nuclear engineer with a focus in quantum physics, an anthropologist, and several journalists, among others. We have writers who live or have lived in haunted houses, some who work in haunted locations, and others who believe they have had contact with aliens, and more. Our writers include believers, skeptics, and skeptical believers, enabling us to offer unique insight into a wide range of paranormal phenomena.

Paranormal Magazine - December 2010

Paranormal magazine delves into the dark world of ghosts, UFOs, strange creatures, weird phenomena, folklore and magic. Millions of people have experienced the uncanny, the mysterious, the mystical in their lives. But you do not need to believe in the paranormal to enjoy Paranormal. If you have an open mind and are curious about the world around you, this is the magazine for you. Engaging, intriguing, fascinating, sometimes startling and sometimes scary Paranormal magazine never fails to entertain with its down to earth approach to some way-out subjects.

English, 84 pages