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Covid psycho-immunological Treatment

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Covid psycho-immunological Treatment

Hi everyone, I heard that Peak State Institute has had a stable Covid 19 treatment over the past 5 months that clears it and also immunizes the person against it, but they are not releasing it yet.
Has anyone been treated at the institute?
If someone has, could they write it down and put it here, please?

If no one has done this, do you have Covid? Does anyone you know have Covid?

If you could sign up for treatment (it's a free online treatment), record them (without the therapist's knowledge), could you post at least the audio here? It would be a great help

I can vouch for them as last year I had a Lyme treatment with them (not free) and it disappeared immediately!

Thank you!

That's an interesting way of

That's an interesting way of seeing things, if it indeed becomes a perpetual problem like the scam that is most Lyme disease treatments that need more than 30 days of antibiotics with so many senseless doctors and the CDC out there pushing gagged scientists in the US and also in Canada, where Lyme has shown up in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia.

More than a way of seeing

More than a way of seeing things, that's a personal experience, that's why I and a mate of mine are going around asking for this covid treatment to be done and recorded by someone! The world needs it badly! I wish I could share the Lyme treatment too, it's a blur, I know there was pre-birth regression I was a bit out of it to remember much...I just know that I went from feeling like crap and in pain to feeling like I was feeling before the Lyme, normal and full of energy! Maybe someone could do the recording both for Lyme and Covid?

Why can't you record it

Why can't you record it yourself?

Because they accept only

Because they accept only people with active Covid and they have ways to determine whether you have Covid or not

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