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Westall '66: A Suburban UFO Mystery (2010)

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In 1966 Australia Victoria Melbourne Westall primary school had a UFOs flying over the school yard, it's was witnessed by everyone in the school


A good documentary about the Westall High '66 mass UFO sighting
incident in Melbourne, Australia. I'd say not very good, because the
very one question the audience wants to hear is : "Did the flying
saucers make any sound ? Like a humming sound when coming up from the
ground ?" Given the number of still living first-hand witnesses I'd say
the lack of this question being asked is the very big mystery of this
Documentary. Certainly when the 48:03 long piece ends with dreamy xylophone

There was a similar incident in USA. Near a school an object was seen by many children and professors. But it returned for three days at the same hour... Can't remember the name of the case, though. I helped to translate the subtitles of that video to my language.