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Bright Green Lies (2021)

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BRIGHT GREEN LIES dismantles the illusion of green technology in a bold and shocking exposé, revealing the lies and fantastical thinking behind the notion that solar, wind, electric cars, or green consumerism will save the planet. Almost every major environmental organization is pushing for so-called renewable energy. Claims are being made about "green" technologies that are frankly untrue. Words like "clean", "free", "safe", and "sustainable" are often thrown around. But solar panels and wind turbines don't grow on trees. The mass production of these technologies requires increased mining, industrial manufacturing, habitat destruction, massive greenhouse gas emissions, and the creation of toxic waste. So-called renewable energy does not even deliver on its most basic promise of reducing fossil fuel consumption. On a global scale, the energy is stacked on top of what is already being used.



I just finished watching this. It is one of the first environmental activist documentaries I have seen to tackle these subjects. But the director and participants of this still believe in industrial civilization-created climate change. I think it is a very well-made film though with a lot of important points about capitalism and consumerism that make sense to me...

- The climate is driven mostly by the behavior of the Sun. And the weather is mostly an electrical phenomena. Temperature, pressure and humidity are secondary.
- N. Tesla demonstrated the reality of Free Energy ( . All the rest about energy is just plain BS.
Three practical examples:

Do you think there are any organizations on our planet in possession of advanced new energy technologies that could replace fossil fuels etc, or will humanity have to look to Nikola Tesla and others' work and invent it ourselves? From what I understand, new energy scientists are usually either ruthlessly suppressed or murdered...