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Requests for Promoters

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Requests for Promoters

As you may be aware, I'm running a little video sharing site with a very Concen-like focus on media: conspiracy, news & politics (as the two have intersected nearly 100% by now).

Concen is an awesome resource, and I wonder if I would have arrived at the same worldview without it. However, torrenting is too high a barrier to entry, and I wanted to create something more accessible.

I promote it via social media, Twitter has killed my accounts taking me from >10,000 followers to ≈2,000 and I'm shadowbanned AF and get almost 0 engagement. I'm now promoting to low hundreds on other platforms. Growth and engagement are slow.

I'm calling for all available eyeballs to find media on the site that you find compelling, and to share links to that content wherever you feel is appropriate early, and as often as possible.

I approve this message. Thank you.

If I get traction on this (i.e. see site traffic spiking from all y'all's effort), I will go into the admin panel and turn on the "Download" link across the entire site and shower you all with hugs and kisses emoji. 😘

re>other content you can share

I've also started a blog at - format is one entry per video to promote the video. It has sharing links too...

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