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is it me, or have things gone quiet on here?

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is it me, or have things gone quiet on here?

Did everyone give up trying to figure out who is ruling the world?

Torrent Stats say otherwise...

We're coming up fast on 1,000,000 completions. Not shabby at all IMO.


Congrats. Can you do a live counter, we could all get on wickr and toast to your continued success.

I kinda meant the hardcore truth stuff. It's all Jesus and aliens right now.

zoopenhoff wrote:
zoopenhoff wrote:

Can you do a live counter

The current counter updates every 5 minutes. I don't want to go faster than that, unless I write a less intrusive, non Drupal page.

zoopenhoff wrote:

we could all get on wickr and toast to your continued success.

It ain't my success, it's ours - you included, shmoopie!


There may not be tons of activity in the forum or torrent comments section, but there are lots of torrent posts on a fairly wide range of subjects. There has been a recent spike in Christianity posts, but Easter is coming up after all! And aliens will always be popular as well...

I would just like to point

I would just like to point out that your question implies that material here must be about who rules the world.

While that is the origin of the title "concen", Nibs repeatedly assures anybody who asks him that anything non-fiction is valid here.

Beyond that, large collections that are well-described take a lot of work to put together. I don't think any member here is sharing torrents because they "gave up" on anything; rather, i think they are sharing here to backup data, become part of a community, or hopefully inspire a different insight into others. If that world view does not always align with yours, well, welcome to the club, my friend!

it's just...

I really want something enlightening that I can dig my teeth into.

Something insightful, truthful, and not fake. Perhaps I've seen it all.

Concen rocks

This website is an extremely important resource as we're subjected to the "New Pravda" aka Silicon Valley. I'm really grateful for the efforts of everyone who posts here. PS I agree Zoopenhoff

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