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Your old account details are gone, so you'll need to register again if you want to post comments. If you just want to browse, registration is not required.

You probably noticed that ConCen is now an HTTPS only site. While it is a little slower than an insecure link, we feel it's worth it. If you have an opinion about this, let us know!


What happened with the old good site? All seems to be gone. Shame!!

...either as a searchable archive, or integrated back into this forum. It takes a lot of work either way - there were over half a million posts!

The old site was hacked by uhx. He exploited a vulnerability in the TorrentTrader tracker software. He stole the database, changed our BitCoin donation account to his, redirected the home page to, then sent out thousands of emails to our members announcing that was taken over by the NSA.

He has hacked several other trackers in the last month, and likes to brag about it. Below are his Reddit threads specific to ConCen:

PSA: appears to have been compromised staff does not know how SSL works.
Conspiracy Central hacked by the NSA? defaced by ... uh, their staff?

His entire Reddit posting history is available @

Apparently one of his aliases is "zeekill". You can find out more about that here.

Thanks for goin the whole 9 !!

Just as 99% of all "terrorism" now a days is stated sponsored, this kind of act of hacking are not anymore in the "hack for fun" spirit. Specially when the target is a place promoting free thinking by sharing (kind of) forbidden information. So, no, those MF were funded of groomed by some brunch of the "elite" that is ruling this planet since after the flood...
Very nice to see sings of your resurrection ConCen !!

It's quite possible that the hacker known as "zeekill" was recruited to take down trackers. He was busted in November 2013 for stealing credit card info and using some of them to buy crap. Apparently he got out of jail recently. Maybe he cut a deal.

Glade to see your back!

Navigating on the forum got me lost for a moment so here's the link to the torrents: - I added some a few moments ago; C2C, Space, Truth Hertz

Good thing to have not log in twice for posting comments, kudos to the team. Hacking does make things better.

I offered to buy this site a couple years ago, none of this would have happened if my offer had been accepted.

Hope you boys can figure this all out and gets things back together. This has been a valuable resource for many people, for many years. It would be a shame if it all falls apart now.

Regarding ConCen and it's old name...there was always torrents here that you could never get anywhere else, and a lot of them are mixed and excellent. I've personally been here for many years and I have to say, I have enjoyed the long stay, and I hope it expands further to the capacity of 'blow me away' uploads as we all have been accustomed to, a good mix of interesting stuff.

PS: I can't honestly see ConCen falling apart. Just think of it as a set-back. Obviously a lot of work will need to be done regarding the webmasters, but if they have the will... Then that's all that is needed to bring this back to fruition.

Best of luck


thanxalot for ALL the awesome work you ppl are doing
I was just starting to really like it there on the forum..


Glad to see you moving forward! One of the best resources of the Net. Are we going to get the old torrents back in place? Thanks for the link to get to the torrents (

Welcome back and hello everyone. I found out through Cybersage that Concen was back. Onward and upward as they say. I have an important news item that I will mention here.

"California Gun Waiting Period Laws Ruled Unconstitutional! Federal court decides 10-day waiting period laws violate Second Amendment rights "

It is a pretty big story, akin to Hell Freezing Over

Carry On.........

Glad to see you're back online. ConCen is the core of the Truth Movement!

when are the torrents coming back on the site

You can find them in the Torrent Forum as attachments to posts. Crude, but it's better than nothing.

There will be a proper torrent page with browse, search and upload, but it will be written as a module, and could take a week.

Happy to see that things, here, are improving. I can only imagine the work, you folks administering this site, have gone through over the past several weeks. Thanks, kindly for all of your efforts.

who is checking security now?

jesusislord wrote:

who is checking security now?

This guy, his script kiddie "buddies", and the thousands of spammers who are constantly looking for holes to automate their crap spews.

Nasty stuff of what happened indeed. But I have this strange feeling that this whole new experience here will come to fruition of solid torrents. The will is there.

Let this go forward again and become a new fresh kick-ass site once again, disregarding the negatives.

Best of luck folks from rainy Ireland.

they wil;l never stop us, were too strong and our brains are not washed, we are better and stronger and smarter than the elite because we know the truth, they will never be able to poison us with there shit, i have material ive been waiting to put on the tracker

i do not use bitcoin, why cannot i donate per paypal?

A user determined to shut down ConCen because he was banned complained to PayPal who then froze the account. Fortunately we were able to pay back the hundreds of dollars in it to the donors.

You can donate via snail mail or Flattr if you want to avoid bitcoin.

Happy to have Concen back! Concen ROCKS!

Without taking any blame from the hacker, had the admins had paid more attention to security issues including timely security patches and other actions this site would not be in the position we find it today.

This is the same as driving into a bad neighborhood getting out of your car leaving the door wide open with the engine running and the keys left in it. Then walking away for a few days only to come back to find that your care is stolen.

Sure we can blame the car thief, and should, but what about the driver? Does he carry any blame??

totally see your point.. isn't that why we have "da police" ;0)

all clean and empty...but back...

If Conspiracy Central comes back, will the old account profiles also come back? And since I've created a new profile that matches my previous one, will the new one prohibit the old one from becoming available?

Until we start to work on the problem of the old posts, we can't really answer your questions. The torrent interface is top priority right now, so it'll be a while before the old posts are visible. They may never be part of the current forum; they may just be a searchable archive.

Thanks for the reply. Not at all worried about posts. Most interested in the feature that tracked how much data I've uploaded & downloaded. If I can continue tracking where I left off that would be awesome.

ConCen stopped tracking stats quite a while ago, so, unless things change, no need to worry much about that.

My personal opinion is that we were all better served by the stat tracking because I think it encouraged more people to stay and seed, but there are other considerations. I've seen so much hit and run on my torrents that I've sometimes debated with myself whether it was worth my time. So just stick around and seed as much as you can.

happy to see ConCen back, hopefully for good!

nibs wrote:

We're open for registration!
Your old account details are gone, so you'll need to register again if you want to post comments. If you just want to browse, registration is not required.
You probably noticed that ConCen is now an HTTPS only site. While it is a little slower than an insecure link, we feel it's worth it. If you have an opinion about this, let us know!

I'm very glad that the site is more secure now. The fact that HTTPS is a little slower is inconsequential and entirely acceptable. IMO, the site and tracker should've been SSL from the beginning. Once the tracker is back up and running, please make it SSL.

Can you guys please fix the RSS feed... Thank you!

Hi…can you fix the RSS feed?


It has been almost a month.. how about an ETA

ETA Anyone? *crickets* Hello! *crickets* ANYONE IN HERE??!! *crickets*

It looks like we were abandoned in the mid atlantic in a heavy storm with hurricane approaching. Now we are alone for eternity.

Bummer about the hack, guys and gals. I was user #21 on the old tracker. I haven't been around in a while, so I thought I'd pop in and see how y'all are doing. My username was still available, which is a good thing. Had to re-register, to get in early! LOL.
Thanks for the efforts of those that got this site up and running. Beaten, but not defeated, right?

Here's to many years of more truth sharing. May the force be with you, all.

Can we get any type of an ETA?? Are we a week away, a month, 3 months, a year away??

Give us something.

aVoiceInTheWilderness wrote:

Can we get any type of an ETA?

Less than a month.

Life would not be the same without CONCEN ...... <3