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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2020.06.07) Police

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So when they say "Why do you burn down the community? Why do you burn down your own neighbourhood?" It's not ours! We don't own anything! We don't own anything!
== Kimberly Jones, author of I'm Not Dying With You Tonight

Why is it OK to burn and loot property that you don't own?

The community they live in is their community, by definition. They need to own up to that fact.

Furthermore, lots of black businesses were burned and looted. Now, like the other times blacks burned and looted their communities, almost none of the stores and services will return. Burning and looting creates lots of problems but solves none.

As far as I'm concerned they can burn this bitch to the ground, and it still wouldn't be enough. And they are lucky that what black people are looking for is equality and not revenge.
== Kimberly Jones, author of I'm Not Dying With You Tonight

Her first statement here sounds a hell of a lot like revenge to me. And who is she trying to kid when she says they are lucky? Who are they? Does she have any idea what would happen to black people if they started revenge killing whites?

We here at ConCen are well aware how hidden forces foment infighting to distract people from focussing on the crimes of the criminals raping this planet. Right now they are doing their best to start a race war. Let's not keep falling for their trap, like this confused woman has.

I won't attempt to defend her actions or comments except to point out that, I believe, she answers your questions in her own pitch.

Regardless, your last point is more important: it is obvious that distraction is often a ploy to foist ulterior agendas upon unsuspecting rubes. In this scenario, the great morality play is actually the great distraction. It is as old as Sun Tzu: the Art of War is more properly translated as The Art of Deception (just as, for those curious, the Tao Te Ching is more properly translated as the Art of Perception). I can only add to this that being invested in one political view or the other is often the root issue: the world is run by Yahweh; no, the world is run by the Demiurge; no, there is no god either way. Each such vested view nests subactivities and decisions within it. A far healthier and more accurate view, in the words of Hsin Hsin Ming: If you want to see truth, hold no opinions. The key word being, of course, "truth". To paraphrase Martin Luther, vested views do not a true view make.

why are the protestors damaging and vandalising War Memorials?
Happened in london and other places but not Scotland. this weekend there will be a fuck tonne of Veterans guarding the War Memorials which are considered War Graves by Veterans.
It's fucking insane that people are destroying the monuments to people who were black, white,. yellow, brown.,red, yellow and of many religions who ACTUALLY FOUGHT against actual Nazis! In America there was even Vandalism of the54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment memorial. They were a black regiment on the union side fighting for emancipation...... where the fuck is the logic in that?
It's very much a case of people rioting that have fuck all to do with BLM or their cause they just want to cause anarchy, mayhem, chaos.
I'll be standing with my Veteran brothers and sisters guarding the monuments in Edinburgh. As I said TBH I don't think we'll be needed here in Scotland but london etc.. different matter.
London has become pretty fucking mental in the last decade.. England not far behind that curve of Mental.
Thank fuck I live in Scotland