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What's your Question? What are you here for?

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What's your Question? What are you here for?

Hey I'm curious as to what questions you are seeking the answers to.

Mine are something like:
Why did I get sick; why are so many people sick? What does it mean to be healthy?
Why is there always money for wars but not schools?
Do aliens exist? Are they here or have they visited?
Should I eat meat or go vegan?
What does the future hold?

These are some of the

These are some of the splinters in my mind:

. Why did human space exploration (apparently) stop before I was born?
. How possible is a society divorced of current problematic infrastructure?
. How much mind control are we under? (this can deepen to reality choosing beyond perceptions)
. Why do we use others in society and what could our world be like if we improved on this?
. Why do we follow when we would do better by leading?
. What is a human body capable of and why are we almost totally distracted from this?
. What is the nature of the universe (is there ONE)?

I'm here for the truth... or my perverse sense of humor that enjoys discovering the extent of the mess we're in lol.


Thanks for replying :)

I do believe in the black budget space programme - Gary McKinnon discovered the list of astronauts, and they have been photographed:

However space exploration is really expensive, so there's not a massive return on investment, plus the world is more peaceful now we are economically interconnected... I suspect the truth might be very boring :)

The trouble with the UFO testimony is that none of it corroborates. If just two independent witnesses had the same story, I'd be interested. Otherwise it's a dead end for me.


Have you watched

  • Everything by Adam Curtis, I feel like he goes deep into some of the problems of todays society
  • Minds of Men - that was a good one for Mind control.
  • La Belle Verte :)

On the subject of what the human body is capable of, I'm taking large doses of vitamins and crazy things are happening - they are often almost psychedelic in effect. tbh I'm reluctant to share too much in what is essentially a private forum, feel free to add me on wickr it's the same username as on here.

For the nature of the universe - Nassim Haramein is pretty much at the cutting edge I think. Apart from that the best thing is probably to watch Interstellar and take mushrooms or acid...

Adam Burtis

I don't remember how I found this site but two things keep me here: I can learn from other members; and I like that people actually message one another here. In my experience, that is a memorable part of the learning experience. So I appreciate it when folks share their knowledge and I pick up a thing or two.

What are the ideas that keep me coming back to the net more generally? One big thing is that I am relentless when it comes to searching for hidden codes. I spent a long time researching the hidden codes in world mythology. Joseph Campbell is one of my heroes. Check out the PBS interview of him by Bill Moyers if you haven't seen that before.

These days I am focussed on studying patterns of awareness. Codes of thought, I guess you could say. The two research areas go together because mythology is just storytelling and storytelling can't help but reflect modes of thought and patterns of awareness. Note that even the notion of "scientific progress" is a myth. The notion of "progress" is arguably *the* defining quest of our modern period. Check out Techgnosis by Erik Davis if you want to know more. Just search for it over at

Beyond that, I tend to just build collections for future research, even if something doesn't interest me today. So much of the Internet is ephemeral that it is hard to find good quality stuff when you need it. So I keep an open mind and download the things that other members recommend.


Get down to the wickr chatroom, it's rocking. Just add me on there.

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