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Psychedelic Origins of the Abrahamic Faiths (2019)

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from the producer:
"In this documentary, I demonstrate what I believe to be very clear evidences that show how the 3 Monotheistic Abrahamic Religions [Judaism, Christianity, and Islam] all utilized Psilocybin Mushrooms as the corner-stone of their religious tradition. This video presentation is filled with a series of unique insights, and some familiar ones, that paint a completely new picture of what the Abrahamic Religions were initially like."

I'm halfway through watching this, but it's good enough so far I thought I'd upload it. I wish the documentary editor knew how to fix aspect ratios on some of the videos he'd included, but apart from that it's quite watchable and interesting.


In 360p on Bitchute:

1080p on the Internet Archive; this was very slow tho:

I took the 5GB 1080p copy, re-encoded the video to 720p HEVC (x265) and re-encoded the audio from FLAC to aac, shrinking the whole thing to 1.5GB, it looks fine to me.


I would say "don't waste your time with this," but...

Why shouldn't we waste our time with the video? I'm curious to know your thoughts. It seems like a legitimate line of inquiry. Do you object to the premise (Biblical beliefs could never stem from altered perceptions?) or do you object to the product (the video itself is low quality, offers no new insights, etc.)?

If you are new to this topic I encourage you to check out Terrence McKenna and his ideas about the origins of religion.

And for those of you who are serious about this topic I recommend David Fideler's book Jesus Christ: Sun of God (makes a strong argument about Jesus as an updated version of a solar deity).

Thanks for sharing.